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FTE, Job and Career Discussion / Here's a very different way to look at AI
« Last post by ArnoldW2 on August 13, 2017, 08:20:07 PM »

I think the purpose of artificial intelligence (AI) is to empower humans with machine intelligence.
As machines get smarter, we get smarter.

I call this “Humanistic AI”.

Creating a partnership between humans and intelligent machines to create super-human performance is humanistic AI.

Instead of asking how smart we can make your machines, we should ask how smart can machines make us.

I believe that AI will make personal memory enhancement a reality.  I can’t say when, but I think it’s inevitable.

A personal memory is a private memory.  We get to choose what is and is not recalled and retained.  It’s absolutely essential that this be kept very secure.

We have a choice in how we use this powerful technology. We can choose to use AI to automate and compete with us.  Or we can use AI to augment and collaborate with us.
What didn't you like about Brave?
On browsers, I tried Brave and just didn't like it.   If I don't use Chrome I normally use Vivaldi.
Discussions - Public / Re: 78rpm Records Digitized
« Last post by JoFrance on August 13, 2017, 02:56:34 PM »
What a cool site!  All those recordings are so old.
FTE, Job and Career Discussion / Re: Robot temp agency
« Last post by JoFrance on August 13, 2017, 02:45:24 PM »
I didn't read the whole article, but larger companies have written off the human race when it comes to manufacturing.  On a large scale, like car companies, this has happened already, but small scale, maybe this is our new strawberry picker.

Its good and bad if you think about it.  What happens to the human workers that just want to make a living?  It seems to me that there isn't much thought given to that.
Loco Stories / Humor / Re: Try to unsee this!
« Last post by JoFrance on August 13, 2017, 01:04:16 PM »
Wow.  Kim Jong Un's hair looks just like Alfalfa! 
Have been using Brave for the last 6 months, I love it.  Love their graphics and all the other capabilities. They filter out youtube ads.

Highly recommend
There is also a Twitter clone called Quitter.

I have read excellent things about Pale Moon, a fork of Firefox. Leaner, much faster, and more secure, and retaining compatibility.
This web site shows that Brave is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Here's the web site for Gab:

Here's an article that mentions both the Brave browser and the Gab social media site.

How To Keep Your Online Browsing Unfiltered By Political Propaganda

Facebook joined Twitter in censorship by putting forth initiatives to combat what they called fake news, and began implementing a fake news detector funded by the notorious left-wing election meddler George Soros.

The Left’s Big Tech corporations have had near-monopolies in their respective services for a long time, with competitors unable to gain traction simply because of the overwhelming amount of users who had already settled into these services. But by pushing so hard against the values of half of the country, these companies may have shown an Achilles heel, allowing for a number of freedom-centric competitors to get their feet in the door.

Founded by former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, Brave is the first browser created with the user in mind instead of what data can be mined from its customers. Like most modern browsers, it blocks ads, but it also stops trackers from getting data from what you browse. It’s made to streamline websites so they load faster, and even keeps a running tally of all of the ads and trackers that it’s removed.

Brave also offers Brave Payments, in which a user can allocate donations to favorite websites.

Where Can Users Get Unbiased Reference Information?
Infogalactic launched as an alternative to Wikipedia during the height of the toxic political climate of 2016. Wikipedia moderators at the time began deleting information that could paint conservatives positively, and replaced those articles with information from editorials with notorious left-wing biases. Vox Day, founder of Infogalactic, said these problems stemmed back to Wikipedia’s beginning.

Where Can Users Find Free And Open Social Media?
The mantra of since its opening day has been #SpeakFreely. CEO Andrew Torba saw the many controversial bannings of vocal Trump supporters across Twitter, how left-leaning pundits could get away with saying far worse than their right-wing counterparts, and finally said enough is enough. Torba wanted to experience social media without censoring from the other networks, and the only way he saw to do that was to create his own platform.

Here are a few more articles about Gab.

Interview with Andrew Torba, CEO of

Twitter Alternative Gab Is Worth a Second Look If You Slept on It Early

When I first signed on to, I was skeptical. Things have improved a bit since then, enough that I think it’s worth a second look.

Yes, there are several areas for improvement.

Well, they now have an Android app, although Apple has so far been stonewalling them.

Still, with prominent people getting kicked off Twitter left and right (Mister Metokur is the latest high profile victim, as well as TRR contributor Christi Junior), Gab has now grown into an even more viable option.

Free Speech Twitter Alternative ‘Gab’ Now Open for Public Registration

Gab, a free speech Twitter alternative, has finally opened to the public after nearly nine months of beta testing.
Users will now be able to sign up for the platform without waiting on a list.

Native image hosting, GIFs, quote posts, private messaging, and live streaming are all recent additions to the social network, as well as a unique payment model which allows users to optionally pay a fee monthly for extras in an attempt to keep Gab ad and investor free.

“Gab is the only social network that is 100% supported by the community, not by advertisers or venture capitalists,” the company declared in their statement. “In under nine months, 170,000 Gabbers have 7.6 million posts and raised $145,000 to help us expand our team and cover operational expenses. Make no mistake about it: we are The People’s underdog in the multi-billion dollar social networking landscape.”

Meet the CEO of Gab, The Free Speech Alternative to Twitter

Andrew Torba, CEO of, a new freedom of speech-focused social network. Though the Twitter-style network was only launched recently and is still very much in early beta, thousands of people are currently waiting in line for an invitation to the service, which aims to act as a shelter for freedom of speech and expression.

Invest in Gab AI Inc

When you invest you are betting the company's future value will exceed $10.9M.
Loco Stories / Humor / Re: Try to unsee this!
« Last post by The Gorn on August 11, 2017, 06:44:02 AM »
It makes Trump look like Alfalfa.

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