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Loco Stories / Humor / Re: Tinder for Orangutans
« Last post by Code Refugee on February 01, 2017, 01:30:50 PM »
I like your solution a lot!
Loco Stories / Humor / Re: Tinder for Orangutans
« Last post by I D Shukhov on February 01, 2017, 07:37:55 AM »
I'd just use an off the shelf solution:

1) tranquilize the orangutan
2) while they're out put them in straitjacket, tie them up and put a pair of Occulus Rift VR goggles on them
3) when they come to show them the images and monitor their reactions
4) use the male they seem to be the most interested in

Loco Stories / Humor / Tinder for Orangutans
« Last post by Code Refugee on February 01, 2017, 06:26:49 AM »
So there's a repository of available breeding males on the international orangutan zoo breeding network. It includes videos of the males. Females often don't like the males they get so now they show the videos to the females and try to gauge their reactions. Problem though is the tablets are completely destroyed by the orangutans within seconds. So the zoo is now saying they need an "orangutan proof tablet" so that orangutans can browse "tinder for orangutans".

Now there's a product opportunity of sorts. But honestly, how many of these things could you sell? This combines two common scenarios. One, someone wants someone else (you maybe) to create a tech design that is incredibly obscure and will take a lot of research to produce. (For one thing you'll need to acquire orangutans and wild animal licenses just to do the product testing.) Two, the client is a non-profit organization that surely is going to argue that you should simply donate the product to them.
OK, that sounds fun and less scary than chemicals. (Yeah I know coffee is chemicals but YKWIM.) I was thinking about Henna actually but I'm not sure the reddish tone would look right with me. I might try the coffee, though I would hate to throw good coffee down the drain. I guess I should buy some cheap coffee or instant for this experiment.

Hm... walnut husks is another. I have a bunch of those laying around actually since there's a black walnut tree in the yard, and I personally have experience seeing how this stuff stains my skin. Would have to be careful not to let it touch the skin.
Discussions - Public / Re: how to make a fortune from startups
« Last post by David Randolph on February 01, 2017, 05:56:51 AM »
Truly innovative ideas won't be funded by kickstarter. It would take way to long to educate people on the value.

So, the ideas presented there are all ideas where the "long nose" has been done already. They just need someone to build and market them. (The "long nose" is how long it takes to build the infrastructure in order to actually make the idea into a viable product. For example, the Apple Newton was a great idea - just 10 years ahead of when it could be properly built.)

You got to be kidding me. Who would pay for this excrement that costs 0.15 tokens to make and sells for 14.99

Actually, that is the type of markup needed in order to have a viable consumer product. When you do the math, that is how low one needs the manufacturing costs to be in order to pay for all the marketing, sales, and distribution.

There's really no point at all in trying to sell some small, cheap manufactured thing.

Actually, there is, but you have to be quick enough to market and focus almost all your time and energy on the sales and marketing. If you go too fast, you miss the market. If you go too slow, your overhead will eat you up. Think of the allocation of the costs as also how you need to allocate your time and effort. If 1% is the cost of materials and perhaps another 2% on the labor, then only 3% of your time and effort should be spent on the manufacturing. If sales requires 15% and marketing needs another 10%, that is how much of your time and effort need to go into those areas.

On hair dye, some comments.

The normal hair dye is much too strong and has very toxic chemicals.  One of the possible problems is that your hair can fall out as a result of the strong chemicals.  I have a full head of hair and I tried the store dyes and that happened to me.   Not good.

There is an alternative way I have found that sounds crazy but really works.   Use coffee as a hair dye.   I have a spray bottle in the bathroom full of very dark strong coffee that I spray all over my hair and let it sit for 15 minutes while I shave.   Then I rinse it out.   It does darken the grey hair to a dark brown but looks natural because it does not take all of the grey out like a store hair dye would.   I have done the coffee routine for several years now.

Take a look a at this link for one way to do this.   This example adds a hair conditioner to assist absorption into your hair.   I have not tried that but I will.


Basically he uses some peroxide mixed with the color, but he uses professional color.  Clairol Graybusters works well.  You don't need a license to buy it.  I've been using it for years.

Thanks for this advice, I'll look for some of that and might try it if I can work up the courage.
Mmm, defense contractors where the software guys need security clearances.

That's a niche though.

But yeah, not other than that.
Discussions - Public / Re: how to make a fortune from startups
« Last post by The Gorn on January 31, 2017, 06:54:37 PM »
This is useful. Thanks.  It's helped me to put the final nail in the coffin of a project idea I had which was going to involve learning 3D printing to create a plastic harness for an outdoor perimeter security device (purposely vague).  The prototype I created uses this thing, which has worked well for this project:  Skylink Long Range Household Alert Door/Window Alert Set

There's really no point at all in trying to sell some small, cheap manufactured thing.

I D, a general thing:

I've read this phrase attributed to many successful marketers.

It means that success or money become more improbable the longer a project takes.

Applied to Code Refugee's news story it means that the Kickstarter projects are very vulnerable because they take so much bloody time to assemble financing, while at the same time disclosing their idea to the universe.

This kid in the article succeeds because he figured out how to use speed to his advantage.

Case study of the reverse case: I've been taking forever to launch shit and I have very little to show for it.

Speed - getting something on the market quickly - implies several things:

- Product window is easier to reach (take too long and then someone else has already started selling what you thought up)
- Momentum. (great for self confidence.)
- Deliberateness. (ditto)

I know you're doing what feels right. I'm just saying: engineers (us guys) tend to be the biggest plodders on earth. 

Sometimes I wish there were a boot camp for entrepreneurs I could check into for a few weeks to explode my thinking. It's very frustrating to break through those self inflicted barriers.

I know how you feel ID.  I have no place in today's job market at all in the computer world and honestly, I wouldn't want to go back to it.  Network administration is high stress.  I don't need that.  I don't know where to go from here, really.

Same here regarding going back to work in the corporate world.  I don't have anything against IT, just doing it in big software engineering shops.  Throughout much of my career I was having 2 drinks when I got home at night to destress.  Haven't had the slightest desire to drink after leaving the workforce.

Ageism is alive and well in our society and no one talks about it.  Our society doesn't care about old people, it discards them, IMO.  Its a real wake-up call.  You can try your best to remain relevant, but the opportunities are few and far between.
I think there are going to be big problems down the road for our society.  People are living longer, Social Security is not going to keep up with inflation and most people don't have pensions.  By all accounts most people don't have enough savings to last for the extended lifespan that modern medicine has given us.  Investing is tricky and requires making certain bets that could easily go wrong. So how we get income might be like the old days where you work until you die, except where do you work in your 70's, 80's and maybe even 90's?

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