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Well they are all worthless anyway, so /turns on Hillary voice/ what difference does it make?

I think we should have H1B Congressman. Maybe even the president. Think of all the savings. $40K versus $250K salary.

Clever and hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh!

I think we should have H1B Congressman. Maybe even the president. Think of all the savings. $40K versus $250K salary.
I think we need a couple special programs to import plumbers and electricians from India. We can call them H1-P and H1-E.

Only in this way can we achieve our national goal of driving down wages and destroying labor.

And then we can start up a similar program for IT professionals.  Oh wait, we already have that!

Plus one. . .
Two recent projects:

My plumbing project - medium hard work and extremely satisfying.

My crashed PC drive and scrambling to recover something useful - making me into a Charles Manson at home. It's Goddamned driving me up the mother fucking WALL.

Even w/o social media, IT work is soul suckingly all consuming and you can easily splatter like a bug on a windshield and have NOTHING to show for very very hard work over a VERY long period of time. I'm surprised more IT people don't turn into mass killers.  >:(

that's an interesting observation

Something else I have noticed - these blue collar guys are very, very down to earth. The aspie thing that we encounter in IT doesnt really exist. These are more meat and potato kind of guys, more rough around the edges but I think they enjoy life more than people in corporate. You can be friends with these guys, much more so than the corporate assholes you encounter in IT.
Somewhat off topic tangent  -

I just did a small plumbing project in our house.

We have a sump pump that directs infiltrating basement water into a drain outside, and the part of the yard where the drain outlet is has become a swamp.

So I created a new drain in the basement, to take the water from the sump pump and direct the flow to the opposite side of the house and the yard, in what I hope is a much drier area that can take the water better.

Figuring out the path the pipe should take; figuring out the fall of the pipe for good drainage; determining where to place the pipe hangers; busting a hole through the basement wall with a chisel and a 3 lb hammer; assembling everything; planning the connection to the sump pump itself which was completely undisturbed; all were immensely satisfying.

This was a lot bigger job than what the waterproofing company had to do. They only had to take the water about 12' away from the pump outside. I had to buy 5 10' sections of 1 1/2 inch PVC.

I wound up with three scrap pieces totaling less than 2 feet. That's it. Talk about close!

I did a far, far better job than the crap job that was done by the basement waterproofing company when they put in the original drain back in '98. Their glued joints leaked because they were in a hurry, and there is a sag in one 8' run of pipe where the water always collects.

My job is straight, professional looking, every joint was primed and glued perfectly. The water just jets out much faster now because I planned the run of pipe with many fewer 90 degree bends uphill so there should be much less resistance to the pump's pressure.

I know this kind of work would get really old if I did it 5 days a week 40+ weeks a year. But it was a lot of fun. A big change in thinking and skills required and mental gears. I can see doing something like this and staying normal.

Working with your hands and building/repairing things is very gratifying. Unlike sitting behind the computer all day and playing with Facebook.
Discussions - Public / Re: The Las Vegas shooter: a suicidal sociopath
« Last post by ilconsiglliere on October 12, 2017, 04:08:15 AM »
I think its a black op designed to get new gun laws on the books. Who did the black op is unknown but a lot of what they are saying makes absolutely no sense. There are all kinds of weird inconsistencies from both the media and govmt.

A major impediment to the globalist agenda is that the population is heavily armed. They would love nothing better to have a disarmed population so that they can do whatever they want. As it is they pretty much do whatever they want but cant stand the fact the public gets all nasty about it and doesnt play along. Witness the continued bashing about Trump.

Sounds like conspiracy paranoia right? They have lied about tons of other things, why not this. 

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