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Loco Stories / Humor / Re: Global Hide and Seek
« Last post by Code Refugee on April 23, 2017, 04:48:40 AM »
As dear Shia had to go home and can't play with them any more, the global autism intelligence corps of kekistan found a new hide and seek partner to play with: violent left coast marxist anarchists!

Using photos of a guy wearing a mask, and by searching the social media of everyone on the left coast with a fondness for anarchism or marxism, they were able to identify a violent thug that seriously injured dozens of people by smashing them in the face with an iron bike lock. No different than a biker thug punching people with brass knuckles or whipping at them with chains, it's attempted murder for sure.

Turns out the most violent guy appears to have been a professor of ethics at one of the leftie colleges out there. Word has it he's been now subpoenaed by one of his victims, and possibly arrested by police who originally said there was no way to identify some guy with a mask.

Kekistani Intelligence Services (KIS) made the identification based on photos on his dating profile showing him wearing the same boots, and mentioning his favorite brand of pen, which was seen in the back pocket of the rioter. They also were able to do facial recognition analysis despite his use of a mask, and they matched his hairline and eyes as well.

They did this id by manually searching through tens of millions of social media profiles. Something only possible because Kekistani Intelligence Services has seven hundred and eleventy million agents worldwide, all working from the privacy of their basements while sitting in their underwear drinking mountain dew.

With this success, KIS is currently expanding the search to unmask all of several hundred of the violent masked anarchists from a recent riot. Masked anarchists are reportedly "shitting bricks", I believe is the technical term.
Loco Stories / Humor / Re: Sign this Petition
« Last post by unix on April 22, 2017, 08:41:33 PM »
I want to be a lieutenant in your army.
Loco Stories / Humor / Re: Sign this Petition
« Last post by ilconsiglliere on April 22, 2017, 04:57:13 PM »
The uniforms are already picked out. How could they lose ;) ?
Loco Stories / Humor / Re: Sign this Petition
« Last post by Code Refugee on April 22, 2017, 12:30:18 PM »
Pepe will lead the great crusades against the Normie Oppressors and SJWs, Death or conversion! No normie spared of Kek’s Wrath — 6:7 Prophecy of Kekistan, The Book of Kek.
LOL. Too funny.

So again does anyone know a safe place to do this? LOL
Mt. Gox is of the dead past.

Mt. Gorn will last 1000 years. Or as long as Amazon renews my series.

ha, it's eye-opening.
I had a client back in 2005 that was a total piece of shit. It was a highly "Christian" couple who were funding a software project that was an add-on to a vendor's insurance management app. The wife treated me like garbage. These morons hired a really stupid and lazy Indian guy to work on the same area of the project I was on, who didn't dig into anything on the project. And the woman was blaming me for the guy not learning. I eventually quit over it - I was just tired of doing their work but being constantly insulted and disrespected.

But the woman's reaction to my comments was kind of interesting. I'd point out that the Indian guy didn't take any initiative to learn the code. The woman attacked me for saying this telling me that as a lowly contractor it was not my place to comment on their business decision and that I wasn't doing a good job of onboarding the guy. I asked her how I learned the code considering that they didn't know jack shit about the source code and I picked it up and ran with it. Crickets.

Bear in mind that this was literally a husband-and-wife company with development funded by (probably) a home equity loan. In that kind of situation there is no place to hide lack of performance. The owner herself, handling the money for the project and paying the contractor's invoices, could simply not be convinced that this cheap Indian guy was a substandard retard who was not doing anything at all of any value. SHE personally stood to lose, yet she couldn't accept realistic information. Her ego and hostility trumped and short circuited any discussion.

If that's a two person company, imagine how much tougher it is to note the elephant in the room when there's a few dozen people involved.

So I think the real answer is massive denial. Everyone knows that Indians are stupid and incapable meal-ticket developers but executives will say that this is a detail issue better handled by echelons beneath them.
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