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Discussions - Public / Re: "De-Google-ify Yourself" - video with recommendations
« Last post by unix on August 22, 2017, 03:45:24 PM »
Very cool. Very apropos. The video is floating around on the net. I think I will watch it  a second time.
Discussions - Public / "De-Google-ify Yourself" - video with recommendations
« Last post by The Gorn on August 22, 2017, 08:20:46 AM »
If you're one of those fearing being targeted in an improbable digital krystallnacht, check out this video.

As a special courtesy to those who don't want to be tracked by Youtube/Google, I'm supplying the videos as downloadable links from my FTP account. (10 MB low quality) (65 MB medium quality)

The password is dog, lower case.

The guy recommends search engines, browsers, email services, and more.
Discussions - Public / Re: Eclipse Viewing
« Last post by unix on August 21, 2017, 05:39:32 PM »
I did not see anything.  Nothing in DC area.
Discussions - Public / Re: Eclipse Viewing
« Last post by The Gorn on August 21, 2017, 06:44:52 AM »
Jo, I screwed up on the reservation. I'm back home now - we came back yesterday. Where we were was Cumberland Falls which is maybe 75 mi from the path of totality. At stores down there we saw signs saying "eclipse glasses sold out."

Here in Cincinnati the eclipse allegedly starts at 12:30 and the highest coverage is at 1:30. We are at the 90% totality level. For you on the east coast, Unix, probably 1/2 hour earlier.

I intend to take direct pictures of the sun with my digicam.

I did this on short notice to protest the lens and my eyes. I had some old glass neutral density filters for a camera I don't use any more. I used a candle flame to put a layer of soot on one filter. Optically it's decent. I originally sooted both sides of the filter and the sun is blacked out. I wiped the soot off one side (mistakes with this method are easy to correct!) and I was then able to see the sun as an orange disk. I will just hold it in front of the camera lens to take pictures.

The sooted filter technique is probably the best I can do anyway without investing $50+ in a photographic sun filter I won't use again ever.

My guess is light levels here will be at almost sunset level when it's at highest coverage.

We had several major eclipses when I was in my early teens. Most uneducated normies don't know that a pinhole is the original camera lens. I remember using a pinhole back then which works really well except that achieving enough darkness on the projection surface to see the sun well is kind of tricky.

Also when the eclipse is underway the sun showing through the leaves of trees casts shadows on the ground that look like little scallops, again a sort of image of the sun being focused by the gaps between leaves.
Discussions - Public / So I jumped on the 4K bandwagon
« Last post by unix on August 20, 2017, 06:11:57 PM »
Actually I did so last Black Friday when I got a 4K Tee-Vee and has it has been a mesmerizing experience.

I just got a 4K monitor.

The first reaction is, wow, it's so sharp. Wow it's so bright.

And, wow, it's so tiny.  I kept it 8 inches from my face until I gave up and adjusted the scaling to 125%. Windows recommended 150%.  You need a microscope
for the 100% version. I got a 27" 4K but I what I really wanted, the 32" model is still pricey.

Discussions - Public / Re: Eclipse Viewing
« Last post by unix on August 20, 2017, 06:03:02 PM »
Yeah, I am gonna do the eclipse thing also. Need to figure out the time when it occurs.   Are we going to have the clocks reset to run backwards, planes falling out of the sky and general panic?
Discussions - Public / Eclipse Viewing
« Last post by JoFrance on August 20, 2017, 04:07:33 PM »
Gorn, if you'll be there tomorrow there will be good eclipse viewing.  You should be able to see it pretty near 100% totality.  That will be very cool.  I might try the pinhole viewer with a box.  I did that when I was a kid and we had a partial eclipse.  It worked, but most likely I'll watch it on TV. 

I'm going to pray for healing for our country and the world during that time.  We need divine intervention at this point because there is so much hate everywhere.  Its all pure poison.  I don't know if there is anything we can do to change hearts and minds aside from prayer.

I can't listen to most media anymore.  I just view headline news, no opinion.  All of it is just sickening and has to stop.

Discussions - Public / Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be released in a week
« Last post by unix on August 18, 2017, 01:19:34 PM »
Well, there is one thing you can do - install a custom ROM. It's very nice. They tune out all the BS bloatware. All these apps you just cannot delete. It makes it run faster and improves battery life.

I had an LG V10 with a custom ROM - no complaints. Only downside is, it's not free. You have to buy it. I didn't pay anything because I got mine slightly used with a lot of work already done to it.
Discussions - Public / Re: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be released in a week
« Last post by ilconsiglliere on August 18, 2017, 09:49:27 AM »
I had a Samsung Galaxy Edge S7. I sold it after a month.

The hardware was mostly good and it had an amazing screen. Battery life was crap. Had to constantly charge it. I didnt care for the whole edge thing, it was more a gimmick and it was way to easy to trigger stuff. It would though get as hot as frying pan while charging it or talking on the phone.

The software blew it hard. Android OS is not refined, no matter what they say. There was a million things running sucking power and you had to go in one by one and turn them off. It was hard to ascertain what it was all doing. One thing that really annoyed me is the voicemail was a separate app from the telelphone app? WHAT? RETARDED. As for both the Samsung and Google email apps - they both sucked. When it imported all my stuff from my iPhone it hosed it all. All my contacts had to be rebuilt and the music ended up in some bizarre folder that the default music app could not find. I installed alternate music apps and they couldnt find it either.

After a month I couldnt deal with it anymore and walked into an Apple store and got an iPhone 7. Asked me when my old iPhone took its last backup, said about a month ago. They said plug it in and leave it alone for about an hour. I plugged it in and 1 hour later I was back in business. All my contacts were there, my music was there and so were all my apps. It was brain dead.

I sold my Samsung on Ebay for more than I paid for it :) as I got it at Walmart at close out prices.

One thing I wont ever be doing again is moving from Apple to Android. Its way too aggravating.

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