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Well they are all worthless anyway, so /turns on Hillary voice/ what difference does it make?


I think we should have H1B Congressman. Maybe even the president. Think of all the savings. $40K versus $250K salary.


that's an interesting observation

Something else I have noticed - these blue collar guys are very, very down to earth. The aspie thing that we encounter in IT doesnt really exist. These are more meat and potato kind of guys, more rough around the edges but I think they enjoy life more than people in corporate. You can be friends with these guys, much more so than the corporate assholes you encounter in IT.

I've always thought that WTC 7 was the strangest case of them all.

Discussions - Public / Re: The Las Vegas shooter: a suicidal sociopath
« on: October 05, 2017, 07:58:02 AM »
thanks for the link, it is very bizarre, strange, all of it.

These rates are only valid if you work for yourself.
If you work for someone, you will get peanuts that are similar to IT peanuts or less.
You know how it is.
And you have to do marketing, advertising, etc. My impression is that these rates are not constant or every day type rates.

The only difference is that in this field, it seems easier to enter the field than in IT.

I am going to take a wild guess that most electricians are not self-employed and work for someone. And that their rates cap at 30-35/hour - maybe more in some anomaly like NYC.

They work for a firm that issues them paychecks. But this is further complicated by the fact that the IRS considers them all independent contractors as it does auto mechanics and nurses.

Pretty much

I don't expect to see that on CNN anytime soon

It should really come with it by default.

I cannot believe how tons of sensitive emails are flying around in the open. There are 10,000 and 1 things you want to encrypt.  This should be a default, built-in option in both yahoo, gulagmail and all the other apps.

The reason why it's not has already been answered. For that would defeat data mining.

So gulag and others are not there for you, you are there for them to be mined.

Looks like both parties have to install it?

Nice find. Thanks

Well yeah, that is a problem. Right now things are in a state of flux. There are multiple apps, all pretty good. They are all competing. Sooner or later, we shall have a dominant app.

I really like Signal. It encrypts all texts and even voice. If you have a  strong signal, you can make phone calls. All free. Whether it will ever dominate, I have no idea. Other mesg apps have no advantages over it, only serious disadvantages. Given the public and joe sixpack is dumb as a doorknob, that has to be taken into consideration.

of course I hear you loud and clear.

Encryption is behind the scenes, the users don't see any of it.   

I already got some converted to Signal, it's a text messaging system that is encrypted but works just like a simple text messenger.

It only works between users who are both in the system, obviously.  Key exchange and all. Public/private cryptosystems, which is what Signal is.

You can also use systems like Viber, Telegram that also encryption everything. They do a lot more than text messaging, you can make encrypted phone calls. Using it is as simple as installing the app.

It's also free. International phone calls.

Why wouldn't you use encryption is it's so simple?

Given the revelations about no-such-agency, it's dumb as hell.

Yeah, was gonna mention that. It is hosted in europe, is encrypted between users and your mailbox is encrypted.

The storage you get is rather small a few gigs.
I like it.

I need to divorce myself completely from both gulag and wahoo. These clowns.

Discussions - Public / Re: How do you stop spam phonecalls?
« on: September 20, 2017, 06:10:54 PM »
That's not a bad idea. Another idea is not to answer any calls not in your contact list.

I am sure there is an app for that.

I got my VM full and then forgot the password. Haven't bothered to recover it. WTH for. All the important stuff is either via email or text.

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