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Discussions - Public / Google Can No Longer Be Trusted With Private Data
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:11:49 AM »

Did anyone actually believe that Goolag was not scanning your private data.


Amazon's new service where Prime customers can allow the delivery person to put the box inside your door.

Requires an Amazon-supplied camera to be placed in your living room to monitor the door.  :)

Check out the camera at 20 seconds.  The video ends with the observation that you have to trust Amazon.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Thanks but I choose not to trust Amazon.

Discussions - Public / Re: Buying hardware one generation behind
« on: October 28, 2017, 06:40:27 PM »
iPhone 10 == SUCK-ERS!!!!

1000 bucks. What the faaaah...q.

I aint buying.

I bought a 7 over the summer because I hated my Samsung Galaxy S7 and my iPhone 4 could not be updated. I bought the S7 when the S8 came out. Got almost 50% off but couldnt stand the thing. I don't like the Google requirement to do anything. That and it had lots of software problems - horrible battery life and it would get so hot you could not hold it. My iPhone 4 was essentially bricked as Apple would not allow me to update it and and I could not install any apps in it.

That being said, its way, way to much. I am content to be one generation behind.

I got 6 years out of my last one. If I get 4-5 out of this one I will be happy.

Yes, this is where the idea of "strategic bankruptcy" comes from.

Corporate leaders invented it a few years ago, as a process whereby owners or investors would purposely take a company through bankruptcy that decades ago never would have been declared bankrupt. 

Their goal is to use the bankruptcy process to potentially invalidate employee agreements, customer warranties, burdensome debt, and other obligations they want to eliminate.

Accurate or not, our President has been accused of this tactic in the four of his bankruptcies he argued were smart business decisions (ref. the Politifact anaylsis at

This is what the hedge fund guy that bought Sears did. He bought K-Mart, declared bankruptcy voiding all their everything and than bought Sears via the K Mart leverage. Than he ran Sears into the ground but thats a whole other story.

This is a normal tactic with hedge funds and others. They buy the company up, declare bankruptcy wiping out the debt and stuff and than sell off the parts of the company for massive profit.

Nice racket if you can do it.

Think about the following:

The originator of the IBM PC standard is now buying Macs.

Windows support is an ordeal no matter how you slice it. At my client we have 5 separate pieces of software to protect them from attacks.


Say it aint so, companies are choose Macs over Windows. If they were smart they would consider Linux.

Yeah, I saw that. Supposedly it's a bug that will be fixed soon. I wonder if it wasn't on purpose, then was declared a "bug" when they got caught. If so, it wouldn't be the first time a tech company has used this strategy. Google = not trustworthy.

Agreed. Google is an extension of the NSA and others.

Two recent projects:

My plumbing project - medium hard work and extremely satisfying.

My crashed PC drive and scrambling to recover something useful - making me into a Charles Manson at home. It's Goddamned driving me up the mother fucking WALL.

Even w/o social media, IT work is soul suckingly all consuming and you can easily splatter like a bug on a windshield and have NOTHING to show for very very hard work over a VERY long period of time. I'm surprised more IT people don't turn into mass killers.  >:(

Soul sucking and all consuming, I LOVE IT


I think we should have H1B Congressman. Maybe even the president. Think of all the savings. $40K versus $250K salary.

The govmt is riddled to the core with H1Bs. Every federal and state agencies except for DoD is filled to the brim with H1Bs. Its purposely hidden from the public because if the public knew there taxes dollars was being given away to foreigners on work visas they would have a cow.

I think its time to move up the chain - H1B congressman and senators, H1B agency heads, H1B governors, why not? They have done it to everyone else.  Offshoring and outsourcing is so great, give them a taste! Trust us, you will like it!

Somewhat off topic tangent  -

I just did a small plumbing project in our house.

We have a sump pump that directs infiltrating basement water into a drain outside, and the part of the yard where the drain outlet is has become a swamp.

So I created a new drain in the basement, to take the water from the sump pump and direct the flow to the opposite side of the house and the yard, in what I hope is a much drier area that can take the water better.

Figuring out the path the pipe should take; figuring out the fall of the pipe for good drainage; determining where to place the pipe hangers; busting a hole through the basement wall with a chisel and a 3 lb hammer; assembling everything; planning the connection to the sump pump itself which was completely undisturbed; all were immensely satisfying.

This was a lot bigger job than what the waterproofing company had to do. They only had to take the water about 12' away from the pump outside. I had to buy 5 10' sections of 1 1/2 inch PVC.

I wound up with three scrap pieces totaling less than 2 feet. That's it. Talk about close!

I did a far, far better job than the crap job that was done by the basement waterproofing company when they put in the original drain back in '98. Their glued joints leaked because they were in a hurry, and there is a sag in one 8' run of pipe where the water always collects.

My job is straight, professional looking, every joint was primed and glued perfectly. The water just jets out much faster now because I planned the run of pipe with many fewer 90 degree bends uphill so there should be much less resistance to the pump's pressure.

I know this kind of work would get really old if I did it 5 days a week 40+ weeks a year. But it was a lot of fun. A big change in thinking and skills required and mental gears. I can see doing something like this and staying normal.

Working with your hands and building/repairing things is very gratifying. Unlike sitting behind the computer all day and playing with Facebook.

Discussions - Public / Re: The Las Vegas shooter: a suicidal sociopath
« on: October 12, 2017, 04:08:15 AM »
I think its a black op designed to get new gun laws on the books. Who did the black op is unknown but a lot of what they are saying makes absolutely no sense. There are all kinds of weird inconsistencies from both the media and govmt.

A major impediment to the globalist agenda is that the population is heavily armed. They would love nothing better to have a disarmed population so that they can do whatever they want. As it is they pretty much do whatever they want but cant stand the fact the public gets all nasty about it and doesnt play along. Witness the continued bashing about Trump.

Sounds like conspiracy paranoia right? They have lied about tons of other things, why not this. 

What I find interesting is that there is a complete disconnect between what the media says the programming field is versus what its really like. They are selling the streets are paved with gold but after people go to school they discover its not. I know tons of young people who went to school and than bailed out of it after spending a long time unemployed.

Exactly. That's what I meant. There's a common assumption that programming creates career momentum and is well respected. Nothing is farther from the truth.

Saying you're a programmer in most business environments is about as powerful as saying that you know how to handle a hacksaw or a wrench.

Actually its worse because in most business environments they regard IT people as unnecessary evil to be downsized at the first opportunity. Nobody in business likes IT people and that includes the IT companies.

Take a look whom the executives are in most of these companies - they NEVER come from IT even in technology companies. The vast majority come from marketing, finance and legal.

You are better off handling that hacksaw or wrench. At the very least you know how to get rid of stuff ;) .

I think in urban areas the electricians work for someone else like big electrical houses but here in suburbia I would say the vast majority of them are independent as most they have 1-2 trucks with their name on the side along with their license number.

In the urban areas they for sure are in the union and make good money. I know a guy who is a longshoreman's electrician - he makes almost 180K per year just taking care of the machinery.

As for the independent ones here, they are making great $$ with little to no marketing. They are in Angie's List, Home Advisor, Yelp or just plain word of mouth/friends. Not sure what the fees are for stuff like Angies List.

From what I can see with these guys they are jumping all the time from job to job. Its pretty much nonstop. My friend had a tough time even getting one to come to his house, they are that busy. From what I hear the commercial electricians make more than the residential electricians.

But in either case they are doing well. Just from casual observations at my gym - all these guys are in the gym by 4-4:30 and they have been out of work for an hour already. Many have 2 houses and a boat. They are doing great.

Credentials in IT is a giant farce and is driven by the vendors. It has no real value and they love sticking you for a new test fee when the new version of whatever it is comes out.

Now with electricians and plumbers its driven by an industry association who sets the standards and they are not beholden to the vendors. Than on top of it the state legislates the licensing. Here in the PRNJ the plumbers/electricians have a seal like a notary public and all permits have to be signed and stamped by the contractor. You want to talk barrier to entry? The town wont give you the permits unless they are signed and sealed.

Something else I have noticed - these blue collar guys are very, very down to earth. The aspie thing that we encounter in IT doesnt really exist. These are more meat and potato kind of guys, more rough around the edges but I think they enjoy life more than people in corporate. You can be friends with these guys, much more so than the corporate assholes you encounter in IT.

My friend recently bought a house and needed to have some electrical work done. He got 3 estimates from licensed electricians. Here is what he told me he had done roughly from memory:

2 ceiling fans + switches
3 new outside outlets
2 outside outlets repaired
7 recessed lights  + 3 pendants + 2 dimmers in kitchen
2 pairs of flood lights in the back.

He didnt get a single quote that was less than 5K. All the electricians told him that this is just a quote but the actual bill will be less as this is just time and materials. He picked a guy and the guy came with his partner - took 2 days to do it and they work from 7:30am to 2pm. Than they are out of there.

Total bill for the time and materials was $4000. My friend figures the cost of materials was probably close to $800. Remember the work also needs new wire and junction boxes. Regardless you can do the math - $3200 for 2 guys for 2 days. $1600 each so about $800/day for your time BEFORE TAXES. Figure they get hit at 30% for taxes as they are probably LLCs. So they are probably netting $1150 which works out to $575/day.

Thats pretty good money as most IT people cannot consistently pull that kind of $$ today due to the H1B. On top of this there are significant barriers to entry. Here in the PRNJ (People's Republic of NJ) there is a ton of licensing bullshit + liability insurance + disability insurance. Also I am betting that a lot of them do quite a bit of work n cash.

Sure there are lots of unlicensed ones around but you have to be brave to trust one with your house especially when they could accidentally burn it down.

One thing they did tell me is if the owner drives them crazy they leave. By the time they are packing their tools they are usually begging them to come back.

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