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If the government doesn't give them contracts, subsidies, tech giveaways and gigantic bailouts, I'm OK with them packing up and moving overseas to places with shit flowing in the streets, dead bodies floating in the rivers, and endemic cholera and tuberculosis like IBM is doing. (We also must never forget that study after study has found that in addition to being a backwards disease ridden society of cow worshippers, men in India literally have the smallest penises of any ethnic group in the world.)

But when we do have to have a socialized economy where the government pays for everything for these assholes and then they ream us, I take that personally.

IBM, GM, etc - this seems to be to be a rather textbook definition of socialism, in that the public funds and builds up these corporations. In the case of GM it's literally socialist in every way, the government actually bought shares and was the actual owner of the company. But then we receive no benefit, and the benefit goes to some class of elites. Not even really the shareholders since a lot of the time you see shenanigans where all valuable assets are offloaded to some other entity, and the shareholders find the only thing they own is a bunch of unfunded pensions and a bankrupt shell.

Agree with everything you wrote. This is corporate welfare, corporate socialism, whatever you want to call it they are gouging the tax payer.

We call IBM the Indian Bowel Movement.

They have long been a horrible employer. Going back now at least 20 years. I knew some Bell heads that got outsourced to them and they made Ma Bell look like a boy scout. And Ma Bell was not a boy scout by any means with the things they did to their employees.

With that being said, since is official IBM policy to eliminate Americans I say it should be official govmt policy to cut them out of govmt contracts. Make the ineligible for ANY govmt contract. Unfortunately its not a reality because we now have pretend American companies that are doing the same thing.

Cant very well do that when we have Tata, Infosys and Cognizant also on the govmt payroll though, can we?

I have a cheap Android phone (Alcatel). Ever so often, I go to settings, applications, and go down the list clearing all data or at least clearing the cache for each application. I have also uninstalled all updates in the past. The phone works a lot better when I do that.

Google mail on the phone? I set it up with a bogus email account. I have never even checked to see if there are any messages on it. The Google mail on my phone does not link to any of the more official email accounts I have.

What you did is smart.

I bought a cheaper Samsung tablet for my elderly father and the Google invasiveness was there as well. If you downloaded any apps Google requires you to have an account.

I have not quite figured out how to log out out of the device yet though.

Thanks for those links. Google throws so many services at you and they're so well integrated with the single sign-in that I don't realize what stuff they're tracking. Which I guess is kind of the point from their end.

Yep, I agree. Its one stop shopping and make it so easy to log on and stay logged on everywhere you go on the web. It didnt really used to bother me that they could see everything you did.

My awareness started as a little itch having to do with bookmarks. For years I have preferred to keep my bookmarks in a central place - at one point it was on a single computer in the house and I used to move the bookmarks to the other computers by hand. Got to be to much of a hassle so I started using Google's bookmarks service.

It started to creep me out that they could see all the things I had bookmarked beyond email. Basically all your interests. I dont use it any longer, years already. I use Pinboard instead and it has nothing to do with them.

As of right now I only use their email and sheets app. But as of late I am starting to think that I should abandon their email as well... We shall see.

I don't feel like I'm being butt raped TOO badly on the privacy stuff. Google has a comprehensive suite of services that in a previous age would cost quite a bit per month or as shrink wrapped software. I use Google services of my free will. It's an exchange.

I do have choices. And I'm geek enough to realize those choices. It's just not a good use of my time in my estimation. But I see where you're coming from too.

I agree but there is no reason to blatantly just hand over everything to them on a silver platter. I discovered them doing this while I had my Samsung:

We all know they do this but its reality sharing when you see something like this. No thanks. There are lots of other map services. Here are 2 others that work very well, thank you very much.

Just out of curiosity - does anyone know which of the Android phones is the least modified by the manufacturer?

A bit over a year ago I bought a second-tier branded smart phone - the Blu HD 6, a 6" GSM phablet style phone. In general life has been very good with it. Decent (not great) battery life, fairly reliable, good sound quality with a Bluetooth earpiece, and few crashes of apps, no overheating or weird disabling of basic features. It was only $120 unlocked so for the price it's a great value (and it still works!)

The only gripe with it is that location services (GPS) work only when the Google Map app is running. I can't use a GPS hiking app on this phone and have it record data.

It had none of the app clutter that I encountered when I got a Samsung smart phone a few years before. Before that I had a very basic LG smartphone on the Virgin network that was OK also.

Android has a basic POP3 mail client app bundled with the OS which I think allows you to tailor the fetching. The icon is yellow with an @ sign.

I hear you on the above. I would never want a phone that was full of manufacturer or carrier bloatware again.

I didnt have a basic Pop3 mail client, it was the Samsung email client or the Google Gmail client. The Gmail one couldnt be turned off. Otherwise I could install another email client altogether ;).

Does this phone require you to have a Google account?

This is a sample of what I am talking about with the phone app:

Seriously - you cant make/receive phone calls? And I have to debug it? Come on.

I know everyone on this board hates Google above all else but one thing about devices. Samsung creates their own Android bundle with their own shitware running on top of whatever Google installs. Samsung does what Windows appliance PC vendors did 10-15 years ago, they put their own stuff on your device on top of the OS. I've read complaints about Galaxy devices being overloaded with Samsung proprietary look and feel and extensions.  Other lesser known brands have cleaner versions of Android.

Yes, Google records all of your history and at least the user level data retention for search history, music or video search, GPS locations visited, etc. can be disabled. The NSA will track you however it wants.

I dont hate Google but I trust them less and less every day.

What you say about Samsung creating their own shitware is very true. I was aware of it when I bought it but I didnt realize how bad it was till after I had it. That being said its not just Samsung's shitware, Verizon puts their own bloated shitware on it as well. None of it can be uninstalled as they all think they are controlling the user experience. From what I can see Samsung wants to be Apple minus software that actually works well. So what most users do is they stuff the shit they cant uninstall in a folder somewhere on the phone where they dont have to see it but its still there.

From my reading Motorola's version of Android is very clean compared to Samsung and others but its not as clean as the Google Pixel. Apparently the Pixel is not selling well as Verizon keeps attempting to give them away. I think a lot of people would prefer the native Android without all the extra shit on it.

One thing I can say though is Google's Gmail and Play apps suck. On the Samsung they require you to have a Google account and its deeply embedded all over the phone. So you put in your Google account and than its sets up Gmail on the phone.

The Gmail account seems to work except for the fact that you cant turn it off. It pulls email whether you want it or not, tough shit. That I dont like. I dont like any phone including my iphone to pull email automatically. I have it normally turned off.

Same with Google Play - it sucked in a couple thousand songs off my iPhone and it took a while to figure out where the hell it stuffed them. I downloaded other audio apps and I could not get them to work as the phone had stuffed someplace that was not the standard place. That Play app is deeply embedded as well - but the options to control it are primitive at best. You cant sort by Album, Artist nor Song. At least I could never find it.

Than we have the phone app itself. I do use the phone quite a bit and have to say it did kind of suck. The iPhone as a phone works and its intuitive. Not so with with this. Again it might be Samsung's garbage, that I dont know. I do know that it and its voicemail stuff drove me crazy and it would crash.

When you would charge it would get crazy freaking hot. Hotter than any phone I have ever had. So hot it scared me and I was afraid to leave it plugged in if someone was not in the room with it.

I am not totally down on Android but the big thing for me is it has to work without me screwing with it. I dont want to waste enormous amounts of time trying to figure out why stuff isnt working. I want it to be appliance or car like. I use it and know nothing :) .

Discussions - Public / After 30 Days of Android, I Went Back To Apple
« on: June 08, 2017, 05:33:11 AM »
About a month ago I scored a Samsung S7 Edge at Wally World (Walmart) for $399 as they were clearing them out because the S8 came out. My iPhone 4 was slowly dying (home button was flaky and cant update the software) so I knew it was time for a new phone - cant complain after having it for 6 years.

I will say that Android is flexible and you can do what you want with it but it has LOTS and LOTS of problems. You will spend enormous amounts of time trying to figure out why you have no memory, no battery left, the phone is freaking hot to the touch and more. Apps just crash randomly and behave inconsistently. The phone app would crash while I am talking on the phone. All kinds of weird stuff, when you go on the web there are tons and tons of people complaining.

The OS itself has all this stuff running and you have no idea why - all sucking power and memory. That expandable memory slot they tout - that only kind of works for some things. Apparently the way Android works - the OS regards the memory card like a USB stick, its not part of the OS memory. You cant always move apps, music and pics to it. It greatly depends, so much for that expandable memory.

The Samsung screen is dazzling but the device itself is very fragile, very easy to break. You have to be careful even with an armored case. I didnt break mine but there are tons and tons of complaints about just bumping it and it shattering.

On top of this Google is extremely invasive - I get the impression that Android is a glorified data gathering system so Google can push advertising to you. There is all kinds of nefarious shit running. They want to suck your whole life into their cloud. One day I was in my google account and I came across this thing showing me where I had been in the last week on a map. Pretty dam scary if you ask me. Oh you dont want the phone pulling email all the time - tough shit, there is no way to turn it off in the Gmail app. The default music player wants to suck your music into Google's cloud. The music player itself sucks, people complain about iTunes, well Google's player makes iTunes look like its made of gold. Its absolute crap.

After a month of constantly trying to get it to work smoothly and not have a dead battery all the time I said the hell with it. I dont have time for this bullshit, I just want it to work.

I walked into an Apple store and bought an 128GB iPhone 7. The Apple tards told me to just take it home, plug it in and tell it to restore my last back up from iCloud. 20 minutes later my phone was working like nothing happened. My phone was talking to my Mac like it was never gone. Only thing I lost was the text messages from the last month which I dont care about.

Now thats freaking seamless, how its supposed to be. I just sold the Samsung yesterday (and yes I got back what I paid for it as I am glad I didnt pay Verizon's prices at $679).

The primary problem that I see with Android is its for tinkerers. Its the equivalent of Windows only worse. You know how with Windows you have all kinds of bullshit problems that you have to figure out WHY its not working after it used to work but now doesnt. Well Android is very similar. You have to dig for answers on the web.

If you want to spend your time debugging your phone, trying to figure out why it doenst work, than good for you. For me, I want it to be an appliance and just work. And Apple is as close to that as you are going to get.

Like many things in life, you dont appreciate something till its gone.

Discussions - Public / Re: The joy of Master boot record recovery
« on: June 08, 2017, 05:30:40 AM »
Disk encryption when it goes bad can be very nasty as we are seeing here.

There is an easier solution - keep your data separate from OS. On desktop/mini towers I have  2 or more physical drives. A C hard drive and a D hard drive.

Even on machines that have a single disk drive like laptops I will partition the drive down to a C and D drive and move all the user files to the D drive. If the C drive craps out than you will at least still have your stuff on D and it will be untouched. Of course this doenst work if the hard drive goes bad. But if you loose C, at least you can slap an OS into C and get your stuff.

FTE, Job and Career Discussion / Re: Datamation's 2017 Salary Survey
« on: June 01, 2017, 03:08:49 AM »
I just glanced at it, the numbers are way off IMO. I am not seeing the salaries here in NJ that they are quoting.

The base machine has 2k RAM...

I think my remote for my TV has more than 2K RAM.

^ More geek putdowns.  :P

Leave Code Refugee alone, his Arduino based desktop with 512 MB running DOS is maxed out.

I dont even know what Arduino is ;) .

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