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I had a Samsung Galaxy Edge S7. I sold it after a month.

The hardware was mostly good and it had an amazing screen. Battery life was crap. Had to constantly charge it. I didnt care for the whole edge thing, it was more a gimmick and it was way to easy to trigger stuff. It would though get as hot as frying pan while charging it or talking on the phone.

The software blew it hard. Android OS is not refined, no matter what they say. There was a million things running sucking power and you had to go in one by one and turn them off. It was hard to ascertain what it was all doing. One thing that really annoyed me is the voicemail was a separate app from the telelphone app? WHAT? RETARDED. As for both the Samsung and Google email apps - they both sucked. When it imported all my stuff from my iPhone it hosed it all. All my contacts had to be rebuilt and the music ended up in some bizarre folder that the default music app could not find. I installed alternate music apps and they couldnt find it either.

After a month I couldnt deal with it anymore and walked into an Apple store and got an iPhone 7. Asked me when my old iPhone took its last backup, said about a month ago. They said plug it in and leave it alone for about an hour. I plugged it in and 1 hour later I was back in business. All my contacts were there, my music was there and so were all my apps. It was brain dead.

I sold my Samsung on Ebay for more than I paid for it :) as I got it at Walmart at close out prices.

One thing I wont ever be doing again is moving from Apple to Android. Its way too aggravating.

So what. The US is lost. Just another Goddamned plutocrat cashing in on the stored wealth of America before we collapse.

That about sums it up.

There is also a Twitter clone called Quitter.

I have read excellent things about Pale Moon, a fork of Firefox. Leaner, much faster, and more secure, and retaining compatibility.

I used Pale Moon for a while even at work. Had problems with the firewall so I stopped using it. It is fast.

I will give Brave a try for sure. I am always looking for a faster browser.

Discussions - Public / Re: A nostalgic look at 1991 computers
« on: August 04, 2017, 08:07:14 AM »
1991 was the first year I started using a NeXT. It was pretty similar to what I have now in OSX since it is actually the same OS...

16MHz but it wasn't any slower than a 3.5GHz quad core now.

NeXT was way ahead at that time. I had one at ma bell.


I switched from Mac to Windows and I'm never going back — here's why

The final showdown: The 30 day MacBook Pro challenge week 4 - did a Windows user become a Mac convert?

Side by side, I have to come to the conclusion that both Windows and Mac are good at what they need to do. Mac is let down by a rigid build that lacks customisation; Windows is let down by its ongoing  Windows 10 saga and security issues.

Both have ethical murky waters (as has been highlighted in the media recently) and both are massive tech giants.

So have I converted to a Mac lover? Not really. I think I can now navigate between Mac and Windows after years of one-sided exposure; but in the end they’re just operating systems that both allow me to work - and play.

The whole 'Mac vs. PC' thing is so over, and 'Android vs. iPhone' is close behind

Because so much of what we do these days is based in the browser and in the cloud, Mac versus PC is no longer a lifestyle decision like it was back when boxed software ruled all.

It's just a matter of taste. Even Microsoft knows it.

And in the exact same way, because of the rise of the App Store model, iPhone versus Android is barely a thing anymore to most people. That's why analysts now believe that iPhone versus Android is "stable" — nobody cares anymore.

The operating system wars are over.
After many years of being a Mac faithful, I've been using Windows 10 for the past year

They can both win. Windows and Apple have their die-hard fans, sure, but they can happily coexist.

The same goes for the mobile platforms, too.

Apple and Google both won. Apple's iPhone is ridiculously profitable, while Android dominates with something like 87% of the market. Each of them got exactly what it wanted from the smartphone business. Apple is selling a lot of profitable iPhones; Google gets its web services and search engine in front of more people.

Why I like Windows 10 a lot more than the latest, greatest Apple MacOS

FWIW -- I'm a Mac person.

Interesting articles but frankly I have seen these Windows articles for years talking about how Windows is better than the Mac because they have an inferiority complex. Microsoft has finally gotten around to making good hardware despite saying for decades that their business model is superior to Apple's business model of controlling everything.

I am skilled in Windows, Mac and Linux/Unix. I can go between any of them with ease. Despite all these fanboy articles Windows is a lot more work to maintain than either the Mac or Linux. The Windows rot along with the endless patching and tweaking to keep it running. If you make the mistake of turning on the automatic updates you have no idea what the machine is doing usually to your detriment. Stuff just stops working and than you spend enormous amounts of time trying to figure out why it no longer works. Anyone who says they never have these problems is full of crap. Frankly who has time for that.

What it comes down to is this - what is the value of your time?

Do you want to spend your time fiddling with settings, tweaks and other stuff or you do you just want it to work?

I choose the latter, I just want it to work. In my experience the Mac or Linux is far less labor intensive than a comparable Windows machine. They just freaking work - day after day, week after week.

As for those comments about how the OS is irrelevant. I guess that might be true if you are 100% in on Google running everything. Google already knows way to much about everyone, they dont need to know any more.


Very detailed and explains everything about why it sucks.

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« on: August 01, 2017, 09:15:00 AM »
I dislike Windows10 Mail.

What do you guys use?

Apple's Mail app on OS X/Mac OS. Admit it, you knew that was coming  >:D


Thanks Microshaft but I will stick with Apple and Ubuntu.

I went through an Apple hate phase but am over it. The alternative of Windows is much worse. Yes you pay the Apple tax but who needs this kind of nonsense.

I made the mistake of turning on automatic updates and it jammed up my pc. They can eat it.

Carbon Copy Cloner on the Mac does a full backup the first time and than only copies the changes. Have to say it works pretty dam good. I wish I had it when I destroyed my Mac when I upgraded from Mtn Lion to El Capitan. I also upgraded the memory, I didnt realize that the RAM was causing the machine to crash continuously. I didnt have the Mac diagnostic dicks but found a Mac utility on the web that did it and guess what? It failed the test, put back the old ram and the problem went away.

So back to Windows I understand what its doing block by block. I believe that the Macrium is one of the few Windows products on the market that is bootable. I know Norton ghost works as I use it but you have a separate Norton book disk. You boot from that and than recover the image. It works pretty good providing you dont have problems with the Norton boot disk.

I have been tempted to try Clonezilla but havent had time.

I was tempted to buy this - are the clones really bootable?

I have Carbon Copy Cloner on my Mac which is absolutely bootable. There are very few packages out there on Windows that do this.

Thanks for the explanation. TIL (today I learned), seriously.

I made an extremely good choice for a comparison with a style trend. It was unconscious at my end. Cool!

You absolutely nailed it. I had never though of comparing Bauhaus to this flat shit they are peddling. Its the the same shit with a different name :)

Don't blame transgender types or liberals for the UI designs out there today.   This is all the young punk idiots coming into IT in the last 10 years who want to make their mark on the world and have absolutely no common sense.   Worse yet are the high level managers and CEO's of these organizations who go along with this UI crap at everybody's expense.   They should know better.

I know, I just make everything into a culture wars deal because I like to.  :P

The reality is just what you said, and even more: It's the design fashion of our time. Just as Bauhaus was an architectural and design standard in the 20s and 30s.

It's how you make things look right now in order to be commercially and socially accepted. And software is mostly about social acceptance, since functionality is a long solved problem.

I know quite about Bauhaus design which I consider to be absolute shit. Ironically I started college as a fine art student and than got into IT because art doesn't pay.

Bauhaus basically stripped down everything of all ornamentation and made it purely about the machine and so-called function. All these glass skyscrapers that look like glass cubes are Bauhaus, the so-called International Style. One big problem with Bauhaus design is it rarely works. Examples include flat roofs that leak, all that glass that cooks you when inside, everything is painted white. Everything is cold, unyielding and freaking uncomfortable. You get the idea. I went through a phase when I was younger where I like the look inside a house, than one day I looked around and said holy shit my house looks like the inside of an office. That was the result of my girlfriend at the time who kept saying it was cold and ugly. I didn't see it but one day I got it. Now I despise it.

Anyway, all this flat design which is stripped of all ornamentation. Same exact deal as Bauhaus - its supposed to be all about the information. In the case of Apple, Ives is a huge fan of Bauhaus and minimalism.

Here is a good article about so-called modern design.

IMO the flat design has ruined both IOS, OS X and Windows. Here are some interesting articles about it.

Frankly hate I hate it and want my glossy buttons back.

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