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Wine Viruses -- What would be infected would be the Windows environment within Linux, just like a stand-alone Windows. (We're not talking about Linux getting infected.) If you're Windows environment is full-fledged, it should probably include a virus scanner.

To me, a pet Windows inside a VM guest makes much more sense.  Even though you're running two separate operating systems, you can flip between them with just a single mouse click, and you can easily share data between them with a shared folder or removable memory stick. A much better solution, imho. I tried WINE once and gave up after the hassle of installing a single app. Also, once you install WINE, you've just enabled Windows viruses in your linux environment. Oops.

Discussions - Public / Re: Buying hardware one generation behind
« on: October 31, 2017, 08:58:05 AM »
That being said, its way, way to much. I am content to be one generation behind.

I got 6 years out of my last one. If I get 4-5 out of this one I will be happy.

I'm with you, ilconsiglliere. Used to be the computer manufacturers had us on the short leash like this, but now everyone knows you don't need to buy a new computer every couple years. So Apple has transferred that planned obsolescence cycle to our smart phones.  If you can minimize your need for apps, you can still get years out of a good phone.

Interesting point, ID. Companies going to Apple laptops/desktops because of Apples' dominance of mobile (iphones, ipads, etc). I'm sure for some companies this makes a lot of sense. For example, if you have a big mobile sales force using Apple and a small corporate office, mobile drives the decisions for electronics.

Yes, this is where the idea of "strategic bankruptcy" comes from.

Corporate leaders invented it a few years ago, as a process whereby owners or investors would purposely take a company through bankruptcy that decades ago never would have been declared bankrupt. 

Their goal is to use the bankruptcy process to potentially invalidate employee agreements, customer warranties, burdensome debt, and other obligations they want to eliminate.

Accurate or not, our President has been accused of this tactic in the four of his bankruptcies he argued were smart business decisions (ref. the Politifact anaylsis at

In the article, IBM claims cost of ownership is much lower with the Macs --

"IBM claimed last year that 40 per cent of Windows users called the IT help desk, compared to 5 per cent of Mac users - a shocking figure. A deployment of 90,000 required only five admins."

I can believe it. Windows is so support-intensive compared to *nix platforms.

I'm just voicing an opinion based on my own intuition of the process that's going on in wireless secured networks to create connections.

I understand. And I think you nailed it right on the head. I wouldn't be surprised at all if we see similar vulnerabilities exposed in the future.

Regarding my previous post, I read over the papers again and now understand --

1. No need for WPA3, WPA2 can be patched to fix this
2. Users need to update both their PC OS and router firmware to be safe (doing only one or the other leaves you vulnerable still)

Of course, in light of Gorn's post, all this fixes only the immediate vulnerability that has been discovered... which could only be the first of many.

Thanks, Arnold.

If I read the articles correctly, you're not vulnerable if you're using HTTPS over WPA2, but if you use WPA2 encryption only, you are vulnerable.

Time to update a lot of routers!

I wonder if the router vendors will be able to offer downloadable firmware updates to fix this, or whether the only option will be new routers?

Also, I wonder if WPA2 is fixable via a fix, or whether it will have to be junked and we go on to "WPA3" ?  The Guardian article seems to say that WPA2 is fixable via a fix.

Oh, you're holding a gun pointed at my temple. Here, I'll give you a bullet and I'll tell you how to turn the safety off.

Hilarious. I hope I get a chance to use your bon-mot in a conversation sometime.

Yeah, I saw that. Supposedly it's a bug that will be fixed soon. I wonder if it wasn't on purpose, then was declared a "bug" when they got caught. If so, it wouldn't be the first time a tech company has used this strategy. Google = not trustworthy.


I think we should have H1B Congressman. Maybe even the president. Think of all the savings. $40K versus $250K salary.

Clever and hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh!

I think we need a couple special programs to import plumbers and electricians from India. We can call them H1-P and H1-E.

Only in this way can we achieve our national goal of driving down wages and destroying labor.

And then we can start up a similar program for IT professionals.  Oh wait, we already have that!

Kind of odd they would keep it out there since it's obvious the last posts were many years ago.

BTW, I see Goddard's handsome pic associated with his ID. I forgot there was a time before the Gorn's T-Rexx ate you.

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