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If you're one of those fearing being targeted in an improbable digital krystallnacht, check out this video.

As a special courtesy to those who don't want to be tracked by Youtube/Google, I'm supplying the videos as downloadable links from my FTP account. (10 MB low quality) (65 MB medium quality)

The password is dog, lower case.

The guy recommends search engines, browsers, email services, and more.

As a social media/web development maven I see a very strong push in the design direction of "subtlety" and "not being obvious" in websites and software products. It's across the board.

This is in addition to the idea of making all devices including desktop OSs look like mobile platforms.

An example of this was the elimination of 3D rounding of buttons in Windows and on websites. After about 2005 using such appearance was deemed amateurish and totally uncool.

For example, if you have a floating UI element like a checkbox, it's just absolutely forbidden by today's design ideology to make it a distinct color like red, for easy viewing. Or, buttons don't show border boxes unless you hover over them with a pointing device.

The overall net effect is that software becomes tedious and frustrating to use, when designers get all faggoty and elegant and make stuff "subtle".

For example: I was designing a web page a few days ago using a popular WordPress theme.  I had already set a background image in one UI module. The theme recently discontinued having a text box containing the name of the image file next to the image shown in the designer. It used to be that you simply deleted out the image name by typing deletes in the file name box, and then saving the module, and the background image was gone. Well, now they have no explicit way to remove a background image. I bitched on their support forum and one guy volunteered that the background image preview now has a "X" close box in the upper right corner of the preview in design mode. You click that X close box and the image is removed.

Well lah de fucking dah!  >:D

The only problem with this "elegant" approach is that these homos tweaked up the elegance even MORE by making the close icon white and without any contrasting border lines.

I HAD A WHITE BACKGROUND IN THE IMAGE SO I COULDN'T SEE THE X. Once I was told this, I removed the image by clicking where I thought it would be and after a few clicks I got it.

So wasteful, inconsiderate and stupid.

I want software that SHOUTS the important stuff at me. To today's transgendered fairy assed software designers, software must speak to you in hushed, muted tones while sipping its chai and milk.  :D >:D

If you don't trust any one source of news or opinion and want some ideas for watching opinions, and some perspective on the pecking order, this page is an excellent resource.

It veers more toward conservative and alt-right channels but that's of course because the far left channels are much stupider and less trustworthy.  :P

I listen regularly to about 1/3 of the Youtube channels / authors listed on this page:

Info Wars
Black Pigeon
Prager U
Mark Dice (the guy who does street side "youtube hits" on stupid people who don't think by posing them trick questions and seeing how seriously the average idiot takes them.)
Corbert Report
Bill Still
Styxhexenhammer666 (yes)
Sargon of Akkad

Of course, I'm full of hate and should be killed.  >:D

Discussions - Public / Postulate on the Greater Internet as a Whole
« on: June 20, 2017, 04:38:22 PM »
Lest we forget the underpinnings of forum behavior... I think this is basic thermodynamics or something.

It certainly explains what has happened here in the past.

Discussions - Public / Funny SSIDs for your home wireless network
« on: May 22, 2017, 01:52:13 PM »
I have the following always-on (secured) SSIDs on our home network:


I have a pocket router I took on vacation last fall. Its SSID is HILLARY_CRIMINAL. So other units in the condo would run across it when connecting to the building hot spot.

Many of my neighbors use their last names and/or street number as part or all of their SSID, which I believe is risky and foolish. I prefer to give people 1/5 of a second of entertainment and mirth.

What about you?

Loco Stories / Humor / Get Your Own Rare Pepe
« on: April 26, 2017, 06:07:33 PM »
There is a cottage industry of Pepe artists, creating rare Pepes and dank memes.

Warning. Such Pepes have the possibility of becoming extremely RARE and sought after on dark web market. Which may lead you to either become a millionaire or the target of 4chan best Pepe thieves, you must be ready for the responsibility of owning such an unique never seen before, Pepe The Frog.

I belong to a Facebook page for "My County's Rummage Sale". Usually it's yard sale and larger items for sale by local residents who are members of the group.

I've seen one individual advertising the following: Fire TV Sticks, jailbroken, with Kodi and something called Mobdro installed. (Kodi is a video player streaming app, and Mobdro is something for Android that finds free video streams on the web.)

(click to magnify)

Here's the deal.

The Amazon Fire Stick is half this price. It's $39.99 everywhere from Walmart to Amazon online.

Apparently the value here is in acquiring a jailbroken device that can play free content that the stock Fire Stick cannot.

Jailbreaking or rooting most Android type devices like the Fire Stick is a matter of connecting them to a PC or another device that is running some sort of loader program, and then rebooting the device being rooted or jailbroken so that it loads its OS from the "master" connected device.

It's certainly not rocket science. I rooted an old Galaxy Tab 7.0 tablet a few months ago and it was quite easy to do so. I'm sure this thing has a similar procedure.

What I didn't show is the several dozen replies this guy got to this post asking when, where, how many can they buy, etc.

So this guy apparently makes a side income off of jailbreaking these things. He can sell each device for twice what he paid for it (maybe more - maybe he buys refurbs) - to people who don't know anything about jailbreaking or rooting devices.

I'm sure once you do this to a Fire Stick it's out of warranty. Plus he would be considered an unauthorized retailer so even if he didn't do anything to the fire sticks they would not carry a warranty when resold.

This seems like the 2017 version of guys in the 70s and 80s who fixed CB radios in their garages for side income.  Except, there's very little technical knowledge required here.

Maybe a more apt comparison would be dumbass redneck yahoos I knew of back then who sold illegal linear amplifiers for boosting CB rigs to 200+ watts of transmission power.  >:( (Which screws up TV and radio reception in the immediate area.)

This person adds value by doing something simple that nobody thinks they can do for themselves.

Discussions - Public / Dedicated web hosting: questions
« on: January 15, 2017, 10:08:11 PM »
I have a few questions about the realities of running a dedicated web server.

I've had a small "cloud VPS" (2 CPUs, 2 GB RAM - puny) from for a bit over two years, but its capabilities and its physical nature definitely limits the speed and responsiveness of the websites I run on it.

I have a couple of clients coming on board in a month or two to whom I am offering hosting plans - one person's site has a membership system and a forum like ours, and I'm offering him hosting+incident time for $140/mo, and another site I have offered to host for $60/mo.

At these rates I want to offer the best possible speed for their respective sites. So I'm looking into dedicated servers.

OVH has this offer:

$69/mo for a dedicated Intel Xeon (blade, I suppose) processor, with 32 GB and a shit ton of disk, plus backup and built in DDOS protection. This is best deal I've found from any major web host, and with OVH you're buying hosting from the actual provider so they own the box that your stuff runs on. They provide a ton of free features that are extra cost with cloud and VPS servers, such as extra IPs "free" but only paying $3 for setup for each, and free 500GB backup space.

I am prepared to manage the server - I have done well with the VPS and I manage an instance of Debian on it myself.

Here's my biggest single question:

I assume that OVH owns the hardware. I also assume that I have no liability for the hardware if it fails. And finally, I assume that if the hardware server fails, then (within what their SLA affords them to do) they will rebuild a server for me and I will be able to restore everything from the backup space that they provide as part of the hosting.

Is this a valid assumption, that they make the particular hardware server my plan runs on transparent to me?

In other words, if the server they assign me fails, I assume that my hosting plan with them doesn't just "end" at that time and that perhaps 12 hours later I have a new blank server available with the same IPs which I can now restore my backups to.


I'm asking what you guys have found to be the most common practice with dedicated hosting providers and if my expectation is reasonable. I've gone through OVH's literature and FAQs and it's very minimal.

This question NEVER comes up with cloud or VPS or shared hosting, because those resources are software allocated and the hosting company is responsible for moving instances around to working hardware in the event of hardware failure.

Discussions - Public / My thanks for the gift!
« on: October 19, 2016, 07:04:41 AM »
I just received a donation through Paypal for my "great work".

What, all I do is get on here, swear and act bitter.  ???

Thank you, whichever member you are.

Discussions - Public / Remember
« on: September 29, 2016, 05:18:36 PM »

($0.99 domain sale at this afternoon. Idle hands!)

In response to comments that this post is overtly political, it's been moved back to the board that it was originally posted at.

This topic has been moved to Politics and Society.

If you write a post on this board that contains a link, or you click a link here, you will now see this obfuscation in the link that is displayed to readers:

Code: [Select]
The "refclean" part is the addition. You don't have to do anything. It's being automatically added to all links to content outside this site.

This is a minor security and anonymity measure. Some people here are concerned about social media tracking their habit of visiting this board. Or a small website or blog where the owner checks to see where hits to his site came from may see that they come from this board and then come back here.  This feature solves these problems.

When you click any outside link on this board, you will now get an intermediate page that looks like this and then you will be taken to the destination web site.

Loco Stories / Humor / Millennieels
« on: July 26, 2016, 07:45:11 AM »


Hacker shows Reg how one leaked home address can lead to ruin

Just don't go on Facebook, people. You're giving yourself up to crims

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