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So Williams Hall will get renamed Vishnu Hall.

I feel so excluded as a minority.

Discussions - Public / So I jumped on the 4K bandwagon
« on: August 20, 2017, 06:11:57 PM »
Actually I did so last Black Friday when I got a 4K Tee-Vee and has it has been a mesmerizing experience.

I just got a 4K monitor.

The first reaction is, wow, it's so sharp. Wow it's so bright.

And, wow, it's so tiny.  I kept it 8 inches from my face until I gave up and adjusted the scaling to 125%. Windows recommended 150%.  You need a microscope
for the 100% version. I got a 27" 4K but I what I really wanted, the 32" model is still pricey.

Discussions - Public / Forensic files on Netflix
« on: August 17, 2017, 07:47:32 PM »

Discussions - Public / Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to be released in a week
« on: August 17, 2017, 01:21:58 AM »
If the device has removable battery, I will get it, and if not, I won't. Nice 6.3" screen, so it's a true phablet. And 2560x1440 which is sharp.

I am currently running Note 4 only because I can install that McDonalds supersized menu 2-day battery in it, it looks like a small brick.

If Note 8 fails me like 7 did, will probably go to LG V30. Both V10 and V20 use removable cells which is nice and ZeroLemon has the 10,000 mAh extended battery - very nice. That's 3 times the size of the stock one. 3000 mAh is really sad and the higher resolution drains it in a nanosecond, does not make it to lunch.

Go forth and consume..

Else you are un-American.

Discussions - Public / A nostalgic look at 1991 computers
« on: August 03, 2017, 03:58:34 PM »
1991's PC technology was unbelievable

I find this an interesting and nostalgically sad look because 1990 is when I got into computing.
I got my first "real" computer circa that time frame. Well, I had an 8088 in late 80s' but that doesn't count.

*sigh* How I wish I could have my misspent youth back.

The  <insert your colorful phrase here> Hard drive is slow as a tired old slug. And it's 5400 rpms, which I assume stands for revolutions per minute, as in it's moving.
I am used to the 15.5K RPMs ones, and even they seem slow compared to the slowest SSD.

But, 1TB of disk space only runs $30 in the HDD configuration. Not much of a consolation. Thankfully it appears that Solid state stuff has really come down in price, as in you can get a 1TB from a reputable maker for $200 or so.

Samsung 850 EVO 4TB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E4T0B/AM)

Amazon reviews are very positive.  One SSD costs more than the entire machine. I will probably wait a year until I buy to make it cost-effective.

And 3 of these:

Samsung 850 EVO - 1TB - M.2 SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-N5E1T0BW)

That's about $2000 in upgrades, conservatively.

I hate RAID-0 and don't really care for RAID-1. I love making snapshots as  a way to backup the system.

Just installed 2x512GB "solid state" disks.  Using Macrium Reflect to clone them on a weekly basis. If you wipe out your data, or a virus eats it, you just boot off the secondary SSD and you are back in business. I do wonder if the virus encrypts all the drives on the system, or what. Maybe I should force the backup disk to be offline, I don't know.

 The secondary disk is always out of sync with the primary by a few days. The mirroring or cloning process of half-terabyte SSDs takes 25 minutes. This is scary fast considering the same thing on 300GB HDDs took hours. One time I logged 5 hours.

I think if I had RAID-1 and a sufficient number of disks, I would clone the disks anyway, so you have double protection. Mirroring *and* snapshots. Between the two, I will take the later.

FTE, Job and Career Discussion / My rant today about mobile apps
« on: July 08, 2017, 11:18:52 AM »
Most mobile apps really suck. They take away the critical features of the desktop apps away.

Case in point, photobucket. It's really bad. Then the imgur mobile app. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to upload the pics in its Android app. It appears to be a minor footnote, buried somewhere. It constantly redirects you to main menu, to browse other "viral" pics.

Ebay mobile app really sucks. It lacks such basic features as looking at completed auctions to get an price check on something.

Banking apps are retarded. The list just goes on and on.

I am tempted, from time to time, to throw the damn thing into the ocean. Life was so much happier before the apps.  Instead of them pretending of distributing a useful, working application.

spent half an hour trying to figure out the mobile and buggy version of Advance Auto parts site.

Elbonia's finest?

I admit, I am highly skeptical. These SSD are smaller than DIMMs. Somehow they hold terabytes of data.

Discussions - Public / Best free antivirus
« on: July 05, 2017, 07:39:05 PM »
How much truth is there in this article?,2817,2388652,00.asp

Discussions - Public / ’Petya’ ransomware attack goes global
« on: June 28, 2017, 03:27:26 AM »

How apropos. I have been dealing with a self-imposed encryption problem for weeks, a total nightmare, until finally resolved.

Discussions - Public / So I upgraded my hardware, finally
« on: June 10, 2017, 06:59:23 AM »
My 2006 era workstation finally crossed the river and went to Valhalla. I suppose I could keep it on life support, but why.  It was really cool in its time but missing so many critical features standard today. No wifi, no video capabilities, etc. Half of the USB outlets failed.. Yet another disk failure.
Sun Ultra 40 M2 is very power hungry. It was -- and still is a pretty fast computer when you consider the dual CPU power alone.

When your computer sells for $50 on Ebay, maybe it's a sign you should upgrade? I am in the IT field, or so I think.

I upgraded to MSI Titan, the previous generation from 2015. 24 Gigs of RAM, solid state devices and other cool stuff.  I will have to do some research on how to go from RAID 0 that it comes in to RAID 1 and install more SSDs.  It has a couple of 128GB, I want to get the bigger SSD, whatever is on the market right now. 515 maybe?

It's a cool laptop but in name only, it's a desktop replacement. Just one feature makes it worthwhile, the mechanical keyboard. It's the best keyboard I ever had. Increases my typing speed considerably. I really wouldn't want to own another laptop.  I got the 18" as a desktop replacement but for a mobile unit I think they make 15" or so, more compact. Not sure they get the mechanical keyboard though.

The SSD is the most significant improvement in the last oh, 10 years.

Also thinking about replacing my laptop, but maybe not yet. It's almost new, from the 2011 era. It has mechanical drives and really terrible runtime, even with a new battery. I think I get about an hour. The thought to upgrade crosses my mind when a colleague flashed his cool Macbook with a 5 hour runtime and much slimmer.  It was much smaller, I think maybe 13".  But damn, that's what you want for a laptop. Light slim and crazy runtime.

Discussions - Public / The joy of Master boot record recovery
« on: June 06, 2017, 04:29:22 PM »
It's the vera crypt software that hosed it. I have a dual disk setup, I used to mirror them.

well, I encrypted the primary HDD, then cloned it. So the cloned image is broken, does not boot. The MBR must be hosed.  I decided to encrypt it just in case, while booted off the primary HDD.

Now yesterday the primary HDD fails. Sounds like a loose bit floating inside of it and that noise it makes now. Hardware failure. 

I try to boot off secondary HDD, not only does it not boot due to MBR issues but it's encrypted. I used the Vera Crypt recovery DVD and it decrypted it - took 36 hours - I used different algorithms - one on top of another - however still not booting obviously. And I lost my copy of Windows CD so I cannot use its recovery features.

tomorrow I am getting that Windows 7 recovery disk and will try to salvage the MBR. If all goes well, it will boot. It has an entire operating system on it. why oh why did I get involved with this veracrypt byllshyte.

Friends, don't let friends use Windows?

I don't understand Windows. It's a miracle I lasted in IT as long as I did, not having a deep understanding of it - and not really desiring it either.

Discussions - Public / A coworker passed away
« on: May 11, 2017, 01:56:08 PM »
He was in his sixties. Not particularly talkative. He did regularly miss 2-3 days a week for months and everybody knew something was up but it still came as a shock to many. Saw him on Friday and he was fine.  Always sat by the cafeteria, reading his tablet.
Not there on Monday and the news broke Tuesday morning.  No idea what happened.

Human life is fragile as hell. Here today, gone tomorrow. All your shyt thrown put in a box and shipped to the known family.

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