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Very detailed and explains everything about why it sucks.


Thanks Microshaft but I will stick with Apple and Ubuntu.

I went through an Apple hate phase but am over it. The alternative of Windows is much worse. Yes you pay the Apple tax but who needs this kind of nonsense.

I made the mistake of turning on automatic updates and it jammed up my pc. They can eat it.

Discussions - Public / Petya Virus Damage
« on: July 06, 2017, 10:47:19 AM »
So my friend's work computer has been dead since last week. It wiped the MFT table and the boot loader he said. The machine will now not even boot.

Regardless here are some statistics that will blow your mind in his company. They have had 30-75%losses of Windows computers. As of right now they estimate that roughly 35K-45K desktop computer in his company were damaged along with about 15K servers.

Crazy stuff.

Discussions - Public / After 30 Days of Android, I Went Back To Apple
« on: June 08, 2017, 05:33:11 AM »
About a month ago I scored a Samsung S7 Edge at Wally World (Walmart) for $399 as they were clearing them out because the S8 came out. My iPhone 4 was slowly dying (home button was flaky and cant update the software) so I knew it was time for a new phone - cant complain after having it for 6 years.

I will say that Android is flexible and you can do what you want with it but it has LOTS and LOTS of problems. You will spend enormous amounts of time trying to figure out why you have no memory, no battery left, the phone is freaking hot to the touch and more. Apps just crash randomly and behave inconsistently. The phone app would crash while I am talking on the phone. All kinds of weird stuff, when you go on the web there are tons and tons of people complaining.

The OS itself has all this stuff running and you have no idea why - all sucking power and memory. That expandable memory slot they tout - that only kind of works for some things. Apparently the way Android works - the OS regards the memory card like a USB stick, its not part of the OS memory. You cant always move apps, music and pics to it. It greatly depends, so much for that expandable memory.

The Samsung screen is dazzling but the device itself is very fragile, very easy to break. You have to be careful even with an armored case. I didnt break mine but there are tons and tons of complaints about just bumping it and it shattering.

On top of this Google is extremely invasive - I get the impression that Android is a glorified data gathering system so Google can push advertising to you. There is all kinds of nefarious shit running. They want to suck your whole life into their cloud. One day I was in my google account and I came across this thing showing me where I had been in the last week on a map. Pretty dam scary if you ask me. Oh you dont want the phone pulling email all the time - tough shit, there is no way to turn it off in the Gmail app. The default music player wants to suck your music into Google's cloud. The music player itself sucks, people complain about iTunes, well Google's player makes iTunes look like its made of gold. Its absolute crap.

After a month of constantly trying to get it to work smoothly and not have a dead battery all the time I said the hell with it. I dont have time for this bullshit, I just want it to work.

I walked into an Apple store and bought an 128GB iPhone 7. The Apple tards told me to just take it home, plug it in and tell it to restore my last back up from iCloud. 20 minutes later my phone was working like nothing happened. My phone was talking to my Mac like it was never gone. Only thing I lost was the text messages from the last month which I dont care about.

Now thats freaking seamless, how its supposed to be. I just sold the Samsung yesterday (and yes I got back what I paid for it as I am glad I didnt pay Verizon's prices at $679).

The primary problem that I see with Android is its for tinkerers. Its the equivalent of Windows only worse. You know how with Windows you have all kinds of bullshit problems that you have to figure out WHY its not working after it used to work but now doesnt. Well Android is very similar. You have to dig for answers on the web.

If you want to spend your time debugging your phone, trying to figure out why it doenst work, than good for you. For me, I want it to be an appliance and just work. And Apple is as close to that as you are going to get.

Like many things in life, you dont appreciate something till its gone.

So now Linkedin is going to share information with "service providers". How nice

"Increased visibility of your LinkedIn Profile - Service partners will show your profile to their users, similar to the way your profile shows up in search engines, so you can be more easily found for opportunities."

Yeah I dont think so, this is why I dont have an account on Linkedin.

On June 7, 2017, we are updating LinkedIn’s Terms of Service - our Privacy Policy and User Agreement. These updates to our terms will let us introduce new features, while continuing to give you control over how your information is used.

While I encourage you to read the full terms and my blog post about the changes, below is a quick glance at what’s new.

Our goal is to increase the value you get out of LinkedIn, but you can also opt-out of these new features, if you’d like.
Increased visibility of your LinkedIn Profile - Service partners will show your profile to their users, similar to the way your profile shows up in search engines, so you can be more easily found for opportunities.

Easier to share your achievements with your network - We’ll suggest positive and public professional accomplishments, like new patents or publications, to add to your profile so others can see.

In addition, here’s two more new features you can choose to opt-in to:

Productivity bots to improve communication with your network - New automated systems will use information in your messages to suggest responses, meetings, ice breakers, or insights to help you have important conversations more easily.
Easily meet up with other members - You’ll have the ability to see members nearby who have also opted-in, so it’s easier to meet up when you’re at a conference or out for lunch.

If you’ve not already heard, we are now a part of Microsoft, but our services are still provided under a separate Terms of Service. We hope you find value in the updates we’ve made. If for any reason you don’t agree to the new terms and would rather close your account than opt out of specific new features, you can do so.

Thanks for being a member,

Sara Harrington,
Vice President of Legal at LinkedIn

I want to buy some bitcoins as some small sellers of one of my hobbies accepts it as payment.

Does anyone have a recommended coin exchange? I understand the concept but there are so many web sites its hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Any help is appreciated.

Loco Stories / Humor / Trigger Warning: The Greatest Generation
« on: March 27, 2017, 04:41:18 AM »

I am feeling so triggered and need a safe space. Maybe some coloring books so I can feel better.

Oh the pain of the micro-aggression's.

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