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Discussions - Public / Damore's Class Action Lawsuit Against Google
« on: January 09, 2018, 04:26:09 PM »
Remember that Google employee named Damore that was fired at Google awhile back because they didn't like the things he said. Well now he is suing them. You should read the stuff that is in his suit. Google really is an echo chamber.

Discussions - Public / The Fatal Mistake Crypto Investors are Making Now
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:14:50 AM »

Its dot com v2.0 all over again. As I said before this is a total bubble. See below for some quotes.

" It quite literally takes less than 24hrs to do so for someone with mediocre tech skills. The only difficult part is convincing suckers, err sorry, I mean lovely people, that the coin you created is worth something. This simple fact has led thousands of scam artists throughout the world to create their own coins and sell them to unsuspecting retirees and “I wanna get rich quick” targets."

"While creating a cancer pill, even with step-by-step instructions, would require some materials, equipment and incur some costs, the production of a random generic e-coin costs pretty damn close to $0. All you need is a website and some hype."

Discussions - Public / Merry Christmas Everyone!
« on: December 25, 2017, 07:37:26 AM »

I have been watching bitcoin for years at this point. I wanted to buy some around 2013. Per an article I had read recently - if I had bought $100 it would be worth millions now. And I would not have to work :( . Again I missed the boat, this won't be the first time for me.

I could care less about the technical details of these crypto currencies. Let the computer dorks figure it out. But what I do care about is that it appears to me that Wall Street has found their next vehicle for a bubble. Think about it: we had the dot com in the 90s, than it popped. That was followed by the real estate gold rush, which as we know also popped. The stock market has been surging now for a long time since the govmt has basically been slopping unlimited currency at 0% interest to prop up the banks. They have to do something with all that money and buying raw materials, stocks and real estate is just not getting it done for them at the level they want. So that leads us to this.

Wall Street appears to be going whole hog into the cryptocurrency thing. Witness the media hype about it which reminds me of the dot com. Witness the lack of any underlying value (with this there is less than nothing - its literally fiat currency purely out of your imagination). Witness that all kinds of investment vehicles around the cryptocurrencies are appearing including IPOs, ETF, and all kinds of other financial instruments JUST LIKE THE DOT COM.

IMO we are in the beginning stages of this. Its not full blow yet but its heading that way. Companies are getting crazy valuations so it might be the time to invest some money in it if you are interested. The only thing is how do you know when its time to get out ;) ? Thats the real question.

Just food for thought...

Discussions - Public / Are All LED TVs Pretty Much The Same?
« on: December 01, 2017, 10:19:42 AM »
I was at Costco the other day and while I was there it dawned on me that I could not tell the difference between any of the LED TV brands. If you taped over the name you could not single out one particular brand over another.

LG, Samsung, Vizio, Sony - it all looks the same to me. People gush all over that Samsung is the best but I dont see it. Its not that any of them are bad but I dont think there is just much difference between them.

Maybe my eye is not discerning enough, I dont know.

What do you all think?

Discussions - Public / Google Can No Longer Be Trusted With Private Data
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:11:49 AM »

Did anyone actually believe that Goolag was not scanning your private data.


Say it aint so, companies are choose Macs over Windows. If they were smart they would consider Linux.

My friend recently bought a house and needed to have some electrical work done. He got 3 estimates from licensed electricians. Here is what he told me he had done roughly from memory:

2 ceiling fans + switches
3 new outside outlets
2 outside outlets repaired
7 recessed lights  + 3 pendants + 2 dimmers in kitchen
2 pairs of flood lights in the back.

He didnt get a single quote that was less than 5K. All the electricians told him that this is just a quote but the actual bill will be less as this is just time and materials. He picked a guy and the guy came with his partner - took 2 days to do it and they work from 7:30am to 2pm. Than they are out of there.

Total bill for the time and materials was $4000. My friend figures the cost of materials was probably close to $800. Remember the work also needs new wire and junction boxes. Regardless you can do the math - $3200 for 2 guys for 2 days. $1600 each so about $800/day for your time BEFORE TAXES. Figure they get hit at 30% for taxes as they are probably LLCs. So they are probably netting $1150 which works out to $575/day.

Thats pretty good money as most IT people cannot consistently pull that kind of $$ today due to the H1B. On top of this there are significant barriers to entry. Here in the PRNJ (People's Republic of NJ) there is a ton of licensing bullshit + liability insurance + disability insurance. Also I am betting that a lot of them do quite a bit of work n cash.

Sure there are lots of unlicensed ones around but you have to be brave to trust one with your house especially when they could accidentally burn it down.

One thing they did tell me is if the owner drives them crazy they leave. By the time they are packing their tools they are usually begging them to come back.

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