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So now Linkedin is going to share information with "service providers". How nice

"Increased visibility of your LinkedIn Profile - Service partners will show your profile to their users, similar to the way your profile shows up in search engines, so you can be more easily found for opportunities."

Yeah I dont think so, this is why I dont have an account on Linkedin.

On June 7, 2017, we are updating LinkedIn’s Terms of Service - our Privacy Policy and User Agreement. These updates to our terms will let us introduce new features, while continuing to give you control over how your information is used.

While I encourage you to read the full terms and my blog post about the changes, below is a quick glance at what’s new.

Our goal is to increase the value you get out of LinkedIn, but you can also opt-out of these new features, if you’d like.
Increased visibility of your LinkedIn Profile - Service partners will show your profile to their users, similar to the way your profile shows up in search engines, so you can be more easily found for opportunities.

Easier to share your achievements with your network - We’ll suggest positive and public professional accomplishments, like new patents or publications, to add to your profile so others can see.

In addition, here’s two more new features you can choose to opt-in to:

Productivity bots to improve communication with your network - New automated systems will use information in your messages to suggest responses, meetings, ice breakers, or insights to help you have important conversations more easily.
Easily meet up with other members - You’ll have the ability to see members nearby who have also opted-in, so it’s easier to meet up when you’re at a conference or out for lunch.

If you’ve not already heard, we are now a part of Microsoft, but our services are still provided under a separate Terms of Service. We hope you find value in the updates we’ve made. If for any reason you don’t agree to the new terms and would rather close your account than opt out of specific new features, you can do so.

Thanks for being a member,

Sara Harrington,
Vice President of Legal at LinkedIn

I want to buy some bitcoins as some small sellers of one of my hobbies accepts it as payment.

Does anyone have a recommended coin exchange? I understand the concept but there are so many web sites its hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Any help is appreciated.

Loco Stories / Humor / Trigger Warning: The Greatest Generation
« on: March 27, 2017, 04:41:18 AM »

I am feeling so triggered and need a safe space. Maybe some coloring books so I can feel better.

Oh the pain of the micro-aggression's.

Problem 1: If you stream anything over the air like games or movies you are subject to network latency. WiFi is just not as fast as a wired network. You get stuttering and pixelation at times.

Problem 2: You want Ethernet in a room but getting the wire there can be a huge ordeal. Many times you do have coax cable there already.

Solution: MOCA Networking.

My friend at work told me about this after I mentioned that I wanted to put ethernet where we watch TV but it was going to be a huge ordeal running the wires. He said do you have a coax cable in the room? I said yes and he said you can use MOCA networking. He explained how it works.

Basically MOCA allows TCP/IP to run in an empty section of the bandwidth in a coax cable. Its a standard among the cable companies. Why its not advertised more is beyond me because its much faster than WiFi and as fast as ethernet.

The installation consists of buying a Moca adapter. Moca adapters have an Ethernet port in them. Verizon routers already have Moca built in and enabled so I only need to buy the Moca adapter in the room where I want the Ethernet. If your router does not have it built in you need to buy one that attached to the router and one for the end point. This is the Moca adapter I bought from Amazon:

After you have the Moca adapter - you split the coax cable with a splitter. The Moca adapter has a built in splitter but per my reading its better to split the cable - one side goes to your cable box or TV and one side goes to the Moca box. Plug in the power cube and you have instant Ethernet network. The Moca adapter has an Ethernet port in it - you can connect a Roku, Ethernet switch, whatever... now that you have an Ethernet port in the room. 

I only bought one Moca adapter to try it out. Attached to the coax in our bedroom and it was totally painless. I did some speed tests on it and compared it the wired Ethernet in my home office. Its FAST, really FAST. As fast as Ethernet.

For the $72 for the adapter it solves a bunch of problems and is worth it. Here are my speed tests:

Discussions - Public / New Office Sensors Know When You Leave Your Desk
« on: February 16, 2017, 03:22:42 AM »

I guess its time for a lead shield around your employee badge and maybe turn your cell phone into a mobile jammer.

Discussions - Public / Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Review
« on: February 08, 2017, 07:03:14 AM »
I am seriously fed up with Windows so on a whim I installed Unbuntu 16.04 (Long term support) along side Windows 7 in my laptop. I have to say it works GREAT. It picked up all my hardware with no grief. Its an HP 8440P and is a few years old. The interface takes some getting used too but its not a big deal.

I have used Linux in the past but to get it to work smoothly was always a hassle. This one I had to do nothing. It came with Firefox pre-installed along with Libre Office. It all works out of the box. Everything I could ever do on the machine is easily done. And you can change the interface to be whatever you want it to be.

For those that have been avoiding it, its a great choice. Frankly I am sold on it.

You all so my post about the new $55 5GB contract. Here is something I learned while in two different stores.

In the physical store Verizon will no longer sell you the phones. The phones have to be bought on an installment plan. You cant just buy it outright in the store. The only way you can buy the phone outright is over the phone or via the web.

So this got me thinking - this is just another way to lock you into them.

The payment plan for the phone lasts 2 full years and you are paying list price for the device. Since a lot of people buy their phones in person at the store that means Verizon locks  you into them for 2 full years unless you call them up and pay the phone off. If you decide you dont like the phone it means you have to pay it off in full before you can unload it.

So despite them saying there are no longer contracts for service, there are contracts for the device.


Called them on the phone. No grief and they just gave it to me. Prices are coming down!

A few days ago I got a phone call from a guy who I had helped in the past with his PC. His PC was hosed.

Previously his PC had become infected with all kinds of malware and viruses. It was so bad that it needed a back up his data and and than a full re-imaging. This guy has a very bad habit of downloading all kinds of crap from the Internet - movies, songs, software. Than one day he will click on something and it will be toast. Very careless and frankly he downloads all this stuff because he doesn't want to pay for it.

Eventually he got a new Dell computer, once he got it I moved his data and put all kinds of safety precautions in place - firewall, anti-virus, watchdog, anti-malware, told him not to use IE, set up backups and told him not run his account as administrator. Anyway he called and he tells me its totally hosed. He can't use Chrome, IE, can't get on the Internet. Has no back up.

So I took it and found out right away they had crippled the browsers. Cant get on Google. Eventually I disabled all kinds of service and deleted all kinds of programs just so I could install Malware Byes anti-malware software. It found 450 malware/viruses on his computer. So it cleaned it but I could still not use Google. Every time I would go to Google I would get a weird error message about the http protocol being damaged.

So I installed another piece of software called Hitman Pro - they had CHANGED the IP settings including the hosts files. They had put in their own entries into the hosts file. Still the PC ran like crap so I installed a 3rd piece of software - Spybot Search and Destroy and guess what it had found even MORE.

But get this it gets worse - they are now masquerading as other software. I saw malware labeled as Adobe Acrobat DC Update. I looked it up, there is no such thing. For the average user how would they know? They wouldn't.

So its running better but not great. Frankly the machine needs to be backed up and re-imaged. I have about 5 hours of work into this and the $$ are accumulating. The machine is a mess - every square inch of the desktop is covered with files so the machine's refresh is sluggish as it has to redraw all those icons. Who knows how much data he has.

I have found in the past its faster to just back up the data and re-image the computer than to try to do what I am doing. Than you have a fresh install and it runs well. Typically for my family's computes I have a C and D drive, with Windows living on C. I usually make an image of the C drive and put the image on an external disk. If the machine craps out its trivial to put back the C drive. Norton Ghost does it in 8 minutes. Than you just have to update the browser and some other things. Its a lot easier than trying to rip out the viruses by hand.

The problem is this guy has all kinds of software installed + his data. I will not put back the users programs as I don't know what they have installed and frankly you don't know what is a virus. You could reinfect the machine again. Most users go nuts when I tell them I am not putting back their programs.

And I don't want to do it. People wonder why IT people hate Windows, well this is it.

Discussions - Public / Forced Obsolescence Via Software Updates
« on: December 31, 2016, 05:30:58 AM »
I have a few examples of forced obsolescence via software updates. This of course involves Apple. Apple is notorious for removing things, giving you less and charging you more. I used to be an Apple fanboy but not so much any longer due to a number of things they have done.

The first example, I am still on an iPhone 4 which I got in the summer of 2011. Its ancient by smartphone standards. It has some problems like the home button has been flaky for a while but it still works for pretty much what I use it for. I principally use it to make phone calls, text, take pics, the calendar and reminders.

The biggest thing that pisses me off is that I am locked on the version of iOS that I am on. It can't be upgraded and I can't install any apps as Apple's store requires you to have the latest version of the OS. I have had a few apps that have REMOTELY disabled themselves including one that I used a lot - one for the super market discount cards so I don't have to carry those annoying little cards when we go to the store. That really, really aggravated me.

One day I clicked on it and the app said it disabled itself and I have to upgrade to the newest version of the app and oh yeah to upgrade to the app I needed the new iOS and oh yeah your phone is too old to use the newest version of the iOS. Oh yeah you have to buy a NEW PHONE. BASTARDS! I found an alternate app that didnt do that crap but it was tough.

A second example is OS X. For the most part my Mac just runs and runs. I am still on Mountain Lion which is like 4 revisions behind the current version which I don't want. I see no reason to  upgrade as it works. That is until the Safari web browser starting having errors. Apparently there is some issue with the way some websites certificates present themselves. Safari says it can't connect to them. So end up using Firefox, Opera or Chrome. I tried everything to fix it - wiping the certificates on the Mac, purging this, purging that, resetting all kinds of stuff. None of it works.

Anyway the one solution is to upgrade Safari. Guess what? YOU CANT. Apple does not provide the newest version of Safari as an individual application, you have to upgrade the whole OS. ENJOY Apple fanboys! And oh by the way your hardware may not be able to handle the new version of OS X.

This forced obsolence  is a big reason I will probably not buy another Apple product. Its on purpose to force you to buy another product. Thanks so much! This would be like you coming out to your car and the car telling you it can't run anymore because its old. Go to the dealer and buy a new car. Meanwhile there is nothing wrong with your car.

Apple can go pound it in their ass. This is a big reason I am leaning toward getting an Android phone and this will be my last Mac (its about 5 years old and I do have Windows and Linux at home as well). Who needs this crap, its so unfriendly toward the consumer.


They must want you to buy some additional cooling hardware for $150 ;) . So much for Apple's vaunted build quality.


A judge struck down the first lawsuit because they were not suing based on racial discrimination - it was about the H1B itself. I knew they would lose.

Now this is a whole other animal and I have often thought that this was where the real meat - go for the racial/national origin angle which is what they are doing. Its so easy to prove - All the Americans are OUT, all the Indians are IN. Everyone they hire is Indian.

Looks like racial discrimination to me. SUE THEM.

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