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The one area where independent consultants can still thrive is the SMB market.   Much larger than an individual that has no money yet much too small for big agencies to go after.

What a TERRIFIC explanation. Thank you, Pxsant. This was really informative.

I rarely do anything at all with hardware.   Once in a while one of my accounts gets stuck on a hardware issue and I go in and solve their problem just as a favor (an expensive favor).   If they want to buy hardware I point them to Dell or HP where they buy the equipment and I will set it up for them for a fee.   Hardware is too inexpensive and troublesome for me to sell.

An incredibly wise approach. I've resold exactly two systems - both Dells - in my short history with indie computer support. Even though both deals went fairly smoothly, I learned that the hassle and responsibility of shipping, receiving, delivering, and dealing with other people's hardware is really difficult to plan for and set pricing for. Best to stay outside the transaction, accept absolutely no liability for hardware warranties, and sell your time to support the client's purchase.

As an aside: I know of a few discussion forums for independent SOHO computer support people.  They were booming about 12+ years ago. Today they're all pretty much absolutely dead.

I personally know this guy whom I invited to this board.

He does the "real" Jerry Weinberg I-am-so-proud consulty thing: speaking/lecturing, writing, talking up his value, and implementing. More advisory than hands on.

He's an ok guy and he's for real but I couldn't relate to him at all.

If you mean more hands on/applied computer work for hire but as an indie not through any agency... You need to look to the web design and web app milieu.

That area ALWAYS today uses social media, Gmail, and other mass market intelligence gathering type services to market itself, to collaborate, and to interact with stakeholders during projects.

You can have your independence today but it would be interacting with clients and team members using those services that you have said that you personally won't use to the extent of using your real name with an email or file sharing service.

One common thing I've observed with all gig IT workers in the past 10 years is that they are overwhelmingly committed to using cloud based services, even the ones who are not really social media mavens. The concept of keeping a private local backup is somewhat anachronistic today - but that is due the ignorance of the younger set. I think it's good to have feet planted in both worlds as a security blanket measure.

Traditional business oriented "MIS" services  for end users are now pretty universally through service companies and borks. Care and feeding of internal databases, accounting apps, scheduling and line of business operations... I haven't hear of any local indies who take care of end user business's systems, for years.

There are probably more specialized areas of programming/software dev out there that are outside the mainstream where you could maintain independence. But these tend to always have incredibly specific qualifications and barriers to entry, such as: legacy tool experience, business or technical or military domain knowledge and experience, or knowing one specific product, app or area of data or software.

And the dedicated computer gear will be obsolete in 18-24 months.

Imagine a Beowulf cluster of those.

My very uninformed opinion on mining is this (at the BlockChain) level....

As I understand it, "mining" is the term used for all the (worldwide) compute power to do the processing of the blockchain processes.  Since there isn't a centralized processor for this, it appears the overall / distributed concept is that everyone that's set up a "miner" earns minuscule amounts of "things" (bitcoins, ethereium, etc) in exchange for this compute processing.

I think BlockChain shows some long term possibilities, but don't know if BitCoin, Etherium, etc. is "it".


I see. So you are not "mining" anything. You are offering a service, for which you get paid, correct?

Seems to me that one real area of opportunity spinning off from crypto currency is selling pick axes and shovels to the miners.

Er, selling plug and play crypto engines to those doing their own mining. The dedicated computer gear that performs the calculations.

It could be a naked ploy to boost stock values.

What I got out of the press releases is that Kodak sees a role in digital rights management for photos using blockchain techniques.

I need to learn this stuff so I can cash in.  :P

Mount Gorn is ready when the world is ready for us.  ;D

The link above is SFW. Except for the name, obviously, Honest.

Well, check it out at home.

The site even includes a white paper:

Goatse: A Blockchain-Based Incentivized Meme Creation Platform
Author: Goatse Nakamoto

Abstract: Goatse is a blockchain-based incentivized voting system
that supports the generation of dank memes. It implements
cryptocurrency-based incentivisation for meme originators, with a
primary goal of allowing the internet’s talented meme artists to
achieve recognition and reward for their memetic work.
Prioritisation of fresh memes is achieved through community based
algorithms, which reward users for identifying hot OC (Original
Content) and the dankest memes. Goatse integrates with existing
normie social media channels to stretch the platform’s memetic
footprint and amplify the rewards for content creation. In simple
terms, Goatse aims to originate then propagate the freshest OC and
dankest memes through providing a fertile blockchain enabled
distributed meme ecosystem.

Discussions - Public / New ICO for your consideration
« on: January 09, 2018, 06:44:40 AM »
An old Web 1.0 friend is back.

 Welcome to Goatse. Meme creation in the blockchain.

Goatse is going to change the world... again.


One comment:

It feels very unsafe though not knowing if you are going to reliably get a solid anus photo or be roped into accepting some futuristic cyber currency.

Discussions - Public / Re: is everyone MIA in this snow apocalypse?
« on: January 05, 2018, 05:53:31 PM »
My own theory is that when the apocalypse comes that a large % of the population is going to eat it hard. They just aren't going to make it.

Thin the herd... it would be about time.

I can visualize the guy calling you an asshole being hauled to the hospital to have toes amputated due to frostbite.

Discussions - Public / Re: what are some cool computer news sites?
« on: January 05, 2018, 02:02:20 PM »
The Register broke the story about the processor flaws. It's pretty good --

I agree that the processor flaws are pretty good.  >:D

Seriously, I love the snarky vulture logoed The Register. The best of British snark.

Discussions - Public / Re: is everyone MIA in this snow apocalypse?
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:10:13 AM »
We got about 4-5 inches here in central NJ. I dont know what all the hysteria is about.

Though I did see a hipster in skinny jeans and flip flops at the Dunks on yesterday morning while it was snowing. I snickered and he called me an asshole. I said I might be an asshole but I am not stupid wearing flip flops when its 8 degrees.

I agree with your snicker but...

To me that's pretty intense for a random encounter with a stranger in a public place. I thought people in my area were becoming dicks. I have yet to be called an asshole by someone I don't know in public.  ???

Anywho, 4-5 inches will mildly paralyze my area if it comes down in one storm. It will take about a day of digging for schools and some businesses to re-open for normal hours. It's handle-able, just an strong inconvenience.

Discussions - Public / Re: is everyone MIA in this snow apocalypse?
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:21:08 AM »
We got 1" in DC.
Definitely time to hit  the bunker.

Schools are closed.

1 little  inch??   Hells bells, I have 10" here in New Jersey.   Up to my butsky in snow.   Had to shovel for 30 minutes just to make an area for the poochie to pee!

Well, DC has always been described historically as a pseudo-southern city, AKA "the swamp". Those southern crackers don't know what to do with snow.  >:D :P

We got 2-3" here in Ohio in the last blast.

That's f__king creepy. I don't play any games on my phone. Looks like that will be the rule going forward, too.

The NSA probably has a stake in the "Alphonso" company, and can make tweaks where desired in real time.

I guess you could root the phone and install something that blocks microphone access per app but fakes the permission given by the user, so the app works.

Never mind my question, yes, you can, but it's not profitable.

I have seen people "mine" bitcoin using relatively low powered home workstations. In my understanding, they barely break even given power expenses.

This sounds exactly like the economics of web hosting, although with web hosting the power isn't the only consideration. The largest webhosting providers with server farms have the best margins.

Does Amazon offer server cloud configurations suitable for mining?

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