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I was gonna say "I love Dvorak because he always says what he thinks," but I see the article was written by a Marc Perkel. Oh.

I agree with the author that the desktop environment situation for linux is really messed up. Many in the linux world hoped Ubuntu would provide a stable, corporate-supported UI that would offer some sort of standard.... but then Canonical went on a goofy trip with their own UI (Unity) that targetted handhelds. Canonical followed Microsoft's WIndows 8 script exactly, hosing over the desktop/laptop users in favor of handhelds.

So the linux world's one chance of a stable desktop "standard" went away.

These days several linux GUIs work well if you're a typical desktop consumer doing office work, youtube, email, web surfing and the like. I set people up for that and field few complaints. But venture into serious customization or out-of-the-mainstream uses... well, that's every bit as complicated as administering linux servers.

Agreed 1000% what you wrote. They really screwed the pooch with Unity and now its dead. Oh yay. That means at some point I am going to have to migrate off of it unto another version of Ubuntu.

I read recently that Apple wants to head down the convergence road as well now. Lets see how badly they can screw it up.

Not sure.  I've always had LG phones they are nice. I ended up with S8 Plus and do not like it.

Not the curved edge. Not the st00pid 18:9 ratio. V30 is the same thing.

I am going to say screw it and get the LG V20, the phone I really like.

Let's see. No curved edge. 
Removable 10,000 mAh battery by ZeroLemon.
16:9 ratio that is just great.

I had the S7 Edge which was prior to the S8.

-Hated the curved screen edge that would respond to inputs. So lets think about this - I am holding a smooth bar of soap and the edge where I put my fingers responds to inputs. RETARDED.

-Fragile - you would just have to bump it and could shatter the front and back. End result is I had to put on a heavy duty armored case.

-Wireless charging - oh yeah we forgot to tell you that it would get hot as a mother. So hot you think its going to catch fire. No thanks but I can live with the wire.

-The stupid 18:9 aspect ratio as you said. Nothing else has this aspect ratio.

-The total bastardization of Android. Whatever Samsung does to the freaking interface - STOP DOING IT. You are NOT Apple. Just leave Android alone.

-Giant power consumption, I would not even get through a day without charging it. All kinds of shit running that I don't know what it is.

This is just the big things, I only had it for a short period of time and sold it. I bought it discounted because the S8 came out. Went back to the iPhone. Cant deal with this shit.

^ Almost the same as Fire TV devices. I think that's just the style/convention today. A remote is a stick with directional arrows, select key and a back key.

This would be ok if the software didn't eat my ass. It comes up TRANSPARENT across the entire screen. So you see the image behind it with lettering on top. Every time it comes up I look at and think HOW COME I CANT READ WHAT IT SAYS?  It looks blurry - oh yeah because of the goddam transparency. MORONS.

I think it sucks and is non-intuitive.


The thing that really makes me boil is the user interface in my android device. Things are buried way deep in it. Asia's finest.

My 2013 LG Optimus G Pro was way ahead of 2017 Note 8. Simple and had everything I needed.

It seems like they things of way to really screw things ups.

I was watching a video of the LG v30 which is a newer phone. It looked a lot more intuitive than the Samsung S7 Edge I had. That Samsung was a mess. I got rid of it very quickly because it was retarded, I ended up going back to the iPhone.

Is LG's software better than Samsungs? My Dad has a Samsung TV & the interface sucks just like their phones. This is the remote it came with:

Try explaining this to an 80 year old. Intuitive? Where?

I just want it to work & be easy to use.

Thanks. I'll try that Unity, whatever that is.

Don't bother with Unity.   That was Ubuntu's attempt at an all in one interface that would work for telephones, computers etc.    It is going to be discontinued as Canonical has already announced.

You would be much better off with Mint and either Mate or Cinnamon.

I agree, don't bother with Unity. i read recently that Ubuntu is abandoning Unity. Hey they only threw 5+ years of GUI development away  >:D - for Linux what else is new. Pushing everyone to some technology than abandoning it. GOOD JOB!

If I was going to install now I would do either

Xubuntu which is Ubuntu with the XFCE environment or

Kbuntu with the KDE environment.

KDE is more resource intensive than XFCE but neither is as retarded Gnome. I experimented with a bunch of Linux's before I decided to use Ubuntu. I had done SUSE and Redhat. in the corporate environment I think Redhat is the most common. I wanted a Linux that was super common that had a lot of users because when you run into problems someone has experienced it before.

But as typical with Linux, Ubuntu screwed all their users of Ubuntu with the Unity interface in one fell swoop. I should have known better because as I mentioned earlier Linux likes to reinvent the wheel. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. 

On my Ubuntu system this is what I get:


So Dvorak and Linus Torvalds both believe that the direction of the UI in Linux is wrongheaded, but... things just get worse and worse. Not even big names with a beef pull any influence.

I admire the work ethic of geeks but they never, ever have common sense or a sense of things being in proportion. Moar code and more features always better.

Geeks have to have revenue and business needs to whack them down into compliance with what users really need.

I like programming as a task but programmers are by and large stupid asses with no common sense.

I agree with what you wrote above. There is no common sense, its all about their egos. Why does Linux have so many Window managers? I don't give a crap, I want it to work and I want it to be fast. Thats it.

Software keeps getting more and more bloated and less and less intuitive. You have to wonder what these idiots are thinking about.

This is a pet peeve of mine but witness the whole flat interface shit that is the big thing now. There are tons and tons of annoying shit they have done. Here is partial list:

-Transparent windows. This SUCKS. Windows has it, Mac has it and Linux has it. Who thought it would be a great idea to have semi-transparent windows so the other windows can be seen through it. Do they have any idea how hard it makes it to read text?

-Thin fonts that are similar in color to the background. This one kills me - they put thin dark gray fonts on a medium gray background. Its very hard to see.

-Buttons that don't look like buttons any longer. Now they just have text labels and you are supposed to guess this is a button. How the hell am I supposed to know this is a button? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING ABOUT?

-The stupid hamburger symbol that was started by Google and spread everywhere. Instead of having a menu at the top - oh no, now I have to click on the stupid hamburger and realize that all the settings are buried in there. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID.

-Flat blocky shapes with no gradients. Again they don't look like buttons how am I supposed to know they are buttons?

-Stick figure icons that mean NOTHING. Windows 10 is the most guilty of this of all. Its full of these icons that look like they were done by a 7 year old. And they mean NOTHING. How I am supposed to know that icon means settings, people or whatever?

There is nothing intuitive about anything they have done. Even the vaunted OS X has fell victim to it because of that idiot Jony Ives. There is stuff in OS X now that makes you think, what? Hate to burst everyone's bubble but the skeuomorphic stuff was easier and more intuitive to use.

Now I am reading that Ubuntu is going back to using Gnome instead of its own GUI. Oh yay for everyone. Gnome IMO sucks the big one. You want to talk about not intuitive, here you go - Gnome. Gnome takes everyone user interface paradigm that there ever was and throws it out the window.


This quote about sums it up:

"Linux also, like the Mac is more of a religion where Linux followers praise new features that actually make the user experience worse. The community behaves more like a cult and seems completely disconnected from the reality of making something productive.

Linux is free and is actually not even worth what you pay for it. That’s why people actually are willing to pay for something else. If Linux paid you to take it it wouldn’t be any more popular than it is now."

These idiots need to standardize one one GUI, one way to install software and be done with it. Nobody needs 30 versions of something that you have to figure out how to make it work.

This would be equivalent of a company that makes socket tools having different ways of attaching the sockets for no reason other than vanity.

Wow, thats a shit ton of irritations. I wonder if its because of XFCE? I have Ubuntu and have none of this and I use it a lot. I don't have these problems, I have other stuff ;) .

Granted about the only things I really do at home is play on the web (trolling, starting fights, etc.... LOL) - watching videos on how to do things (no porn), email and the occasional coding of something I need.

What brand of hardware are you running this on? I am wondering if some of this is related to the generic drivers.

I have my Ubuntu running on an HP. Its been ok but I have thought about getting a new laptop as I would like a bigger touchpad. I have read repeatedly that the gold standard for Linux hardware is Thinkpads. I have a Thinkpad for work and it just works.

Linux on the whole is very stable however the GUI is eh. As you said data operations blow Windows away and its fast but the GUI can use cleaning. The biggest irritation with Linux is the dorks keep reinventing the wheel. They seem to get into these pissing wars about ABC and the next thing you know they are forking the code and creating a new version of whatever is. I have seen them doing this over and over and over.

There are I don't know how many GUI variants and a lot of them are absolute crap. None are as good as Windows 7, however Windows 10 is absolute shit. I use a Mac a lot and am used to it but there is a substantial difference between the Mac gui and Windows.

My thing is I just want it to work, I can adjust to whatever it is but don't make me mess with it just to use it.

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Whats ITYS?

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The ShutUp10 app lets you disable stuff too...

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I know, I was hoping he would come and expound on it  >:D .

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There are lots of tools out there to disable automatic updates and the privacy nonsense in Win10.

I dont use Win10 because among other things I hate the interface and lack of control.  I am staying on Win7 forever. The only reason to use Windows quite honestly is if you need MS Office or some Microsoft only tool.

I have my person laptop dual booting with Ubuntu and Win7. I dont barely use Windows any longer between the Ubuntu and my Mac. There is just no need based on what I do with the computer. I can surf the web on any computer and dont need Windows to do that.

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Is this being done to shake out the suckers ?

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